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Rising Above

“Our wounding experiences are a part of our history. We can, however, give up defining ourselves by what has happened in the past. We can stop identifying ourselves with the pain that we have suffered. This is not denial of … Read More


A Spiritual Relationship

Growing a relationship with someone can be a fast way to evolve to greater states of health and happiness…especially when “coupled” with a spiritual practice. Not only does feeling bliss in the heart trigger spiritual growth but so does having … Read More


Bliss Technique #1

Wow! What a busy time it’s been for me. How about you? It’s these busy times that we have to get back to the basics and remember that staying balanced takes a mixture of effort and letting go. If I … Read More


Do Nothing and Heal

It feels good to be home after an amazing trip to Michigan. It seemed like quite the whirlwind at times. However, due to seeing  people’s lives transforming right in front of me and finishing the trip with my family I … Read More

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Finally my prayers are answered

God is answering your prayers as you read this. He’s just doing it his way because he can see the bigger picture. This is a hard pill for many of us to swallow because we think we know what will … Read More


Work with me for $85 (usually $125)

I can’t wait for you to experience Transformational Healing. Imagine a life without fear, worry and that same old pattern that keeps occurring in your relationships. Imagine replacing those limitations with a deep sense of  inner power that can create … Read More