Like Rain  36x36in

like rain
angels fall from the sky
targeting your inner self
within your soul they dive

once landed
angels hydrate your soul-seeds
supporting evolutionary growth
by feeding you the tools you need

love and generosity
are a few of their favorite foods
followed by gratitude and bliss
you now become the muse

inspiring the world
with that twinkle in your eye
laughing at the simple truth
you’re fed by those who fly

your smile and your advice
have more impact than you know
so keep on doing this angelic work
as the lead in the Divine’s show

Rebirth  36x36in

the rebirth place
is a beginning and an end
where your soul collects the fragments
from the places it has been

it’s sort of like a gentle rest
a space set in between
where your soul decides what’s happening next
within the wakeful dream

then off to play we travel on
as creation does its thing
sparking life within a womb
the angels begin to sing

another round to love and grow
and help others do the same
until the day you look within
and see eternal flame

it’s at this point you’ll realize
no longer needing proof
you are the one who did all this
to experience this truth

love is me, love is you
and our love can reach so far
so love each other with all your might
because love is what you are

Interstellar   24x36in

where it all begins
cause without a divine Container
we’d have no place to swim

we’re just taste buds on the Divine’s tongue
our souls blasting out to live
temporarily forgetting
that we’re the same as Him

but rest assured
in due time we’ll see
that the truth of life in fact is
both God and I are me

The Healing 30 x 42in

sometimes there is a break
between your heart and soul
that prevents you from knowing how amazing you are
based on things you’ve been told

it doesn’t have to be this way
a disconnect within
just place your hands upon your heart
and let the love pour in

start by giving thanks
for the blessings within each day
then see yourself surrounded by angels
hugging you as they pray

you are more special than you know
and now’s the time to see
that you were perfect all along
with the simple task to be

The Divine Mother       24x36in

oh Divine Mother
hold me in your embrace
let me feel your loving arms
and see your smiling face

it’s only when thoughts interfere
that I forget how much you care
cause I know the real truth
is that you’re always here

loving and supporting me
no matter what I do
reminding me to love myself
and to my heart be true

The Awakening  2x3ft

when things feel tumultuous
before the final release
it’s not just emotions being stirred
that messes with our peace

it’s the vibration of the angel wings
helping us traverse this path
cleaning up our inner stress
making sure progress is fast

when things feel tumultuous
know that help is here
they love you more than love itself
so let go of your fear

Divine Dance   24x36in

in the flower field I dance
in a very happy trance
not because I’m free to run
but because the flowers and I are one

before I knew this I was deceived
life was dark, disconnected and heavy
but now I see the gorgeous light
the colors around me are big and bright

no turning away or going back
that’s not possible from where I’m at
cause now I know without a doubt
dancing is what life’s all about

Soul Bath   36x36in

there’s a special time and space
between two different worlds
where your soul gets a chance to rest
amidst pure conscious swirls

it’s in this peaceful, loving place
where karmic ties aren’t found
your soul prepares for another travel
in human form you’re bound

you’re a spirit traveling
within a human form
so take each day with gratitude
because it’s a blessing you were born

it’s through this life form traveling
your greatness will be shown
by the most sacred part of this trip
the experience of returning home

Soul Ascencion   30x42in

there is a special place
before and after death
that wraps its arms around our souls
and lives within our breath

so when our loved ones carry on
no need to worry a bit
because this place will hold their soul
and upwards their soul will lift

it’s actually quite nice to feel
no beginning or no end
to let go of the binds that bound them
including their belief in death

weightless their souls travel
upon sacred angel wings
back to the place it all began
where unconditional love sings

and as they wait in this special place
for the next ride back to earth
they rain love upon your life
and support your earthly work

then without a bump or grind
it’s time for their soul return
another round of karmic growth
so more lessons are learned

but this place wants you to know
you can still connect with them when they’re gone
because part of their soul remains as them
as the rest of it carries on

yes it’s true and hard to perceive
a soul in many places at once
another Divine law you’ll understand
when you ascend to this place as one

Angels at My Window   24x36in

timeless angels
dancing beyond my window pane
triggering positive energy
sparking inner change

for years I didn’t know the truth
that my inner dialogue counts
I built a world on lack and fear
desires and dreams were trounced

but alas I’ve been taught
that I created this whole thing
the dancing angels reminded me
that what I wish I bring

so now I think and say
the most positive words and thoughts
the world shifts before my eyes
who knew I could be the boss

we have more power than we know
to paint this picture of life
start by holding your hand to your heart
then see your heart filled with light

now quietly and with eyes closed
follow through with one last thing
see those angels outside my window
in your heart dancing

you can use this inner party
any time you need
to remind you of all the good there is
and of your many blessings

by focusing on this inner light
your happiness will multiply
and together we will change the world
to one amazing dancing vibe