Heaven Can’t Wait  36x48in

it’s pretty remarkable
what happens when we slow down
and allow Divine God to take the wheel
as we traverse this amazing playground

not only can we see the grace
that surrounds us in our day
but by slowing down and letting go
God can have his way

I learned this truth recently
it’s the most profound thing I know
that all I have to do is be
a vessel for God’s flow

no longer needing to prove or push
no need to force against
no longer focusing on what I’m not
or what’s not happening

I realized it’s okay to sit
in the backseat of the bus
and give the wheel to God himself
then fill the bus with trust

the tour has been amazing
it turns out there’s much to see
but the most amazing sight
is the plan God has for me

so I sing this truth to you
and I hope you soak it in
by letting go into God’s flow
you’ll experience heaven within

Sacral Vortex  36x36in

the sensations in my sacral chakra
are blending with my heart
this indeed is the love
I’ve been searching for from the start

the past is full of sex and lust
a time I’m thankful for
but thanks to who and what she is
sex I have no more

merging with another soul
is something words can’t describe
but I’ll fumble a few lines more
and attempt to bring it alive

when we touch the lights turn on
and impulses start to grow
next we dive deep and connect within
and the love connection increases in flow

I surfaced once amidst the act
and observed us from above
no longer were there two separate selves
just one golden flow of love

so now when our auras meet
love is what we make
no longer do we settle for just a sex piece
we experience the whole love cake

I can’t believe it but it’s true
love-making can heal the Earth
and through my divine connection with her
a new world is what we’ll birth

Weathered Soul  24 x 48in

you’ve had moments
when you’ve had to weather the storm
fighting to stay positive
stress levels way above norm

I’m here to say to you
thank you for your work
because those times you fought and cried
you were fighting for planet Earth

we’re all connected beings you see
connected deep within our souls
so when you rose above your karma
the whole world had a chance to grow

bumps sometimes occur in life
so remember what you now know
every time you rise above
I get to step closer to Flow

thank you for choosing to do the work
when most people run and hide
and Mother Earth thanks you too
because your work has turned the tide

The Storm  36x36in

hidden deep within
we bring with us karmic storms
and due to these anomalies
in human form we’re born

but before we wish they weren’t
understand this sacred truth
without these inner storms
there’d be no such thing as you

it’s the ebbs and flows of consciousness
that make this playground fun
plus the experience of two
will one day show us we are one

the Great Nature has a plan
so trust and believe
that even your karmic storms
were built to help you see

that all the ups and downs
exist to expand your soul
and the most divine way for you
to experience your whole

Emunah  24 x 48in

I am here to tell you
one smile can warm a room
because I was in her presence once
and my heart began to bloom

a healing flow of energy
stems from deep within
and pours forth onto the world
every time she grins

it’s amazing to meet a person
who truly leads with heart
whose words, energy and actions
set them far apart

so if you get a chance
to spend time in her presence
soak up as much as you can
for you’ve been gifted a Divine present

Expression  36x36in

go ahead and let it out
no need to keep it in
cause that truth inside your soul
says it’s time to take a swim

and the more you speak your truth
the more your truth will rise
until your truth radiates through
your actions, words and eyes

isn’t it laughable
you were taught to keep it in
and any form of up and out
was thought to be defiant

but now you’ve done the work
you’ve learned the karmic lessons
it’s time to go out and change the world
with the full range of your blessings

now you’ll speak from your heart
and share your inner gifts
because it’s through your self-expression
that the world’s energy will shift

Family Ties  24x48in

every step you take
isn’t just for you
it’s also for the many beings
who benefit from what you do

for generations going way back
are watching as you grow
and singing and chanting in great thanks
cause you’re doing what they didn’t know

so add that honor to your belt
you deserve a lot of praise
you’ve chosen to erase family karma
and now it’s time to celebrate

a reunion has been called
and you’re the reason why
you’ve freed them from what has been done
and they can finally say goodbye

to the light their soul now lifts
as they merge into the One
and from that light you’ll be blessed with grace
for completing what had to be done

Behind the Scenes of Family Ties

Rebirth II  36x36in

it’s time to fully grasp
this isn’t your first rodeo
and that you created this human ride
so your truth would be fully known

your desire was to know the truth
you’re constant love and grace
and that passion created intelligent ripples
which began to collaborate

then out of perfection came human form
as a way to experience that truth
that everything is total love
which in turn means God is you

now that you know this sacred fact
I think it’s pretty clear
experiencing what you really are
is the reason why you’re here

so take a moment and think about
the best way to experience you
and since you decided on the five senses
what sensations shall you choose

love, peace and joy
mixed with a little bit of bliss
these would be the favored choices
you’d want your senses to experience

so the simple fact remains
since God and you are the same
experiencing grace, peace and love
is the only rule of your game

Lustrous Gem  36x 36in

there is a power center
hidden deep within you
and sometimes it’s bogged down
by guilt and shame’s residue

but there is no better time
than right here and now
to break free of the guilt you carry
and let your true colors out

it begins by realizing
no one’s perfect at this game
and in regards to what you’ve done
you were doing the best you can

now step into your truth
and do what you love to do
and watch as people follow your lead
because we could use people like you

know that you’re a special being
who carries special gifts
and by being your authentic self
the world’s consciousness now lifts

Road Less Travelled  12 x 22in

the Path is not for everyone
many shy away
because looking at what lies beneath
leaves many feeling afraid

but I chose to cleanse and grow
because I was born to help
and the best way to change the world
is to start with myself

not always easy
but still a special path
one that is supported by
the angels who have my back

looking back at all that’s been
one thing I realized
the angels always supported me
in breaking karmic binds

now I feel momentum gaining
my life feels more in flow
it’s amazing what happened when
I committed to spiritual growth

Sacred Heart  24x48in

as the world turns
new souls come to earth
bringing forth new gifts to give
triggered by time of birth

and every once in a while
a sacred heart is born
and one of their special jobs
is to keep our planet warm

sometimes with a smile
sometimes words of encouragement
other times it’s the actions they take
and outward love is sent

so when you feel you’ve just felt
a sacred heart’s supportive touch
give gratitude to the Divine
because it was gifted from above

Faces in the Crowd    36x36in

have you ever connected with
your faces from the past
and how the people that you were
make up an amazing cast

there are lots of layers of time
that went into making you
and it’s just as much about what you did
as it is about what you do

karma is part of your path
it’s been here since the start
and your current movie is based upon
all your connected parts

but now is a special time
where quickly you can grow
and current actions can make up for
what you didn’t know

so bravo for doing the work
to become the best of you
and the beings you used to be
give thanks for what you do

they see their actions were for cause
and not a fruitless waste
the stuff they did when you were them
made sense and had its place

but now it’s culmination time
the layers have been stacked
the human karmic work is done
the experiences have been had

upwards your vibration now lifts
to a brand new altitude
and gracefully you will now lead
and the Earth will follow you

Go  24 x 36in

close your eyes and look inside
it’s time to light a spark
you’ve been hiding for too long
too long it’s been too dark

give thanks for never giving up
even when you were knocked down
you never lost sight of God’s great plan
and now you have been found

one by one you will reach in
and offer what you know
by giving each of your great gifts
the world will start to grow

don’t forget that as you give
it’s okay to receive
by finding balance in this play
a strong healer you will be

so enjoy this wakeup call
because you’ve been sleeping for a while
and now you know the time is now
to create a world that smiles

The Dance 12x24in

The Dance
By David Lesinski

when a tree falls in a forest
and no one is around
people always ask
does it make a sound

well, I have your answer
and you may be surprised
I wouldn’t have believed it
had I not seen it with my eyes

I snuck up on nature once
and was amazed at what I saw
trees, plants and animals
dancing to a beautiful song

my eyes were open wide
I didn’t want to miss a thing
I couldn’t believe what nature did
behind the human scene

but as I sat there amazed
I had a sudden thought
maybe it wasn’t nature stopping us
from dancing at this ball

so I took a courageous chance
I stood up and I joined
and just as I suspected
the dancing kept on going

I smiled in revelation
realizing what I know knew
that nature is a constant dance
and I’m part of nature too

so now I take time each day
to dance to nature’s song
and my favorite part of my day
is asking you to come along