Raphael: Soul Fragments (60in x 48in)

picking up the pieces
is sometimes easier said than done
cause each piece represents a tie
to someplace and/or someone

and also don’t forget that
some of these ties go way back
to a past life and time where you once were
on a trail in your soul map

this map is kept quite safe you see
in the hall of records in the sky
and when you met that special person
it’s from there you pulled a file

and contained within that file
was a soul-decision you two made
to be the trigger teacher who would
support past karma in being played

so when memory emotions feel extra intense
there is one thing you can do
send their soul as much love as you can
cause they did those things to support you

and the fact that you two played it out
allowed a great step forward to be taken
and now that file that was once pulled
has nothing left remaining

and one day you two will meet again
in that great hall in the sky
and only love will be felt between
as your gaze connects with their eyes

Metatron: Sliding Doors and Windows (48in x 60in)

do you know how many times you’ve opened up
and how many times you’ve flew
do you know why you leave the nest
to do the things you do

now’s the time to be made aware
to fully understand
you’ve been coming to this earth to make a change
to help your fellow man

in and out, in and out
you’ve travelled here many times
and every time you ran this course
closer to truth humanity climbed

so take a seat and call on me
and I’ll help you peer inside
cause beyond all of your skin and bones
lies the reason why you fly

you’re a vessel filled with light and love
sent here to heal the planet
and I know sometimes you feel the pain
but you’re strong enough to stand it

and when it hurts call on me
I’ll remind you why you’re here
and together we will right this ship
and sail it back to God’s pier

and in due time you will experience
everything you really are
an angel here to save the world
sent from beyond the stars

Gabriel: The One (60in x 48in)

always know
that we are one
there’s nothing to be afraid of

it’s from one you came
and to one you’ll go
since one is what your made of

but to know one
you had to forget
that’s when one became two

and that is why
you are convinced
that you are really you

but close your eyes
and call on me
I’ll help you see the light

and the more you see
the more you’ll be
a bright light in full flight

it’s the process of
letting go of two
that brings you to the truth

that you’re the One
the Sacred One
who created number two

Haniel: Trust (48in x 60in)
not for sale

why is this not flowing
why aren’t things working out
how come all I feel is anger
and it makes me want to shout

I wasn’t expecting this to happen
I didn’t think it’d be so intense
and I certainly didn’t plan for
nothing making any sense

so now what do I do
as I stand here all alone
scared and hurt and crying
with my hands gripping my phone

who could I possibly call
that would make it all go away
and that’s when I remembered her saying
that there’s another way

let go and trust in the flow
and know that Source has my back
he’s got a grand plan for me
which includes strengthening where I lack

I’ll admit it seemed a little scary
as I followed her advice
but thank God that I did
cause since life has been nice

to truly let go and trust
is sometimes hard to do
but I guarantee the Great Divine
has special plans for you

so rest assured all is ok
even when life changes course
and by trusting in God’s plan for you
you’re the ultimate vehicle for life force

Uriel: The Embrace (48in x 60in)

as you change the world
we’ll be your gasoline
and when you need extra support
we’ll bring our whole angel team

we’re poised, prepared and standing by
ready to flow our love through you
we’ll help you do the Earth healing work
your soul came here to do

and we know sometimes it’s a little scary
cause the world’s in quite a state
and many people just turn their heads
to scared to fight for fate

but you are a different breed
you were built for this specific time
and with our team having your back
the world’s in for quite a ride

you have the hands, the heart, the grit
to turn things back around
to lead humanity back to love
to give Earth back her crown

so know the work that you are doing
is making a great impact
and we will continue to flow through you
to support your love attack

and down the road of this lifetime
just before your temporary rest
you’ll look back and see that what you did
helped humanity pass the test

you’ll see the world is a thriving place
powered by love and grace
and that is when you’ll free fall into
the arms of God’s embrace

Sandalphon: The Door (48in x 60in)

your heart space has been dulled a bit
a shield was put in place
and while that shield did you some good
it stole part of your taste

you placed it there in the past
when protection was required
but now you have evolved enough
where protection can be retired

and because you never gave up
or stopped believing there was more
you’ve now climbed up to a special place
where exists a special door

before you open take a breath
cause things are about to change
the colors you’ve experienced thus far
will greatly increase in range

this painting is my door of love
coded to communicate to you
that the shield around your heart
has nothing left to do

so walk inside my energy
by gazing deep within
let my layers melt you closer
allow the journey to begin

no longer will you be stuck or blocked
or prevented from receiving
no longer will you struggle with
loving yourself and others freely

and now you know that you’ are here
to allow your love to flow with grace
and to be a conscious vessel of love
here to change the human race