Mother Earth (48x48)

I love you and I’ll hold you
as long as it takes
I’ll make sure that you’re safe
even when the Earth quakes

I’m ebbing and flowing
but there’s reason for this
it helps you find balance
which will lead you to bliss

my waters run deep
like the depths of your mind
when stress grabs ahold
jump into me to unwind

when your volcanoes erupt
you can spew and let go
I’m here to listen to you
through communication you’ll grow

each and every day
let the sun hit your face
it’s Sun’s partnership with me
that allows for human race

in fact all of the planets
are playing quite a tune
and the song they are playing
is being played just for you

and I’m honored to be
the planet chosen for this growth
by landing on me
we’re connected by our souls

by working together
as a spiritual team
we’ll make sure everyone makes it
to the great Eternity

Mars: Planet of Action (48in x 48in)

it’s time to take action
don’t call in the troops
just call on me
i’ll help you assist you

you have all the energy
the passion and flare
to spread your wings
to take flight to take care

your a spiritual warrior
and I’m that in you
now let’s go to work
the world needs what you do

at times you have faltered
it happens to all
but the wisdom you gained
will now add to your call

so look in the mirror
or just look at me
it doesn’t matter which
we’re the same you see

with our forces combined
we’ll step forward with zest
and the Source that flows through us
will take care of the rest

so wake up world
cause your about to get hit
with a rise in consciousness
you’ll never forget

Moon: The Nurturer (48in x 48in)

fall into me, my arms are open
I’ll hold you forever more
my strength is in my steadfastness
combined with nurturance and warmth

when softness is what you need
let go into me
not only will I hold you safe
I’ll support let go and release

my role is multilayered
starting with I truly care
and included in my repertoire
is releasing the pain that’s there

so call on me when you need
a hug and surrounding warmth
with my help you’ll make it through
each and every releasing storm

and each time you rise above
you become a stronger version of you
until you’ve risen high enough
to reach sacred altitude

at that moment I’ll step back
knowing I did all I could do
to help you in a nurturing way
to experience this truth

that I am you and you are me
and now it’s time to say goodbye
because there’s nothing left that exists between
your spirit and the sky

Jupiter: The Guru (48in x 48in)

look at me, breathe with me
allow fear to fall away
I’m stronger than you think
I’ll support you all the way

the love I have for you
is unconditional and pure
just open your arms and let me in
my love will be the cure

and the greatest gift I’m primed to give
is to help you look inside
deep within your karmic circles
where past experiences hide

it’s there you’ve stored many gifts
and wisdom from the past
and by opening up to wisdom within
expansion will happen fast

then one day to your pleasant surprise
you’ll evolve to an altitude
no longer will you experience me
as a separate part of you

together we will meld as one
and that’s when you’ll know the truth
that you are the one doing all this
cause you’re the Great Guru

Sun: The Father (48in x 48in)

I’m both provider and protector
I offer power and wisdom
my energy is the guiding light
illuminating your inner kingdom

tap into me when it’s time to shine
and by the way the time is now
you have a lot of gifts to give
so let go and allow

you have a power and a grace
that is special and unique
and no longer will you be held down
by stress-based false beliefs

if fear creeps in, turn to me
I’ll remind you who you are
we won’t let fear get in the way
of knowing you’re a star

you’re never in this game alone
remember I’m a part of you
and together we will open up
so the world can see total you

by uncovering your inner wisdom
you’ll have everything you need
to be a conscious powerhouse
ready to take the lead

Mercury: The Thinker (48in x 48in)

I rule the thinking mind
which is something that you need
as you travel on this earthly plane
at human nature speed

but be careful not to let your thoughts
rule your everyday
this will create a level of stress
that will interfere with your play

yes it helps to have me as
your thoughts flicker and they feel
but the real reason I exist
is to realize they’re not real

so do the work to rise on up
to a level above the norm
and you’ll begin to experience
the reason your brain was born

to laugh, to play, to feel
and of course to connect with people
but the even deeper reason
is to transcend your human vehicle

the more you do the conscious work
and break free of the mind
you’ll drop down into your heart center
and that’s when you’ll learn to drive

cause it’s from your loving heart
that we are truly meant to lead
and the more you tap into that truth
the more you will break free

Saturn: Angel of Karma (48in x 48in)

I’m used to it now
I no longer cry
I just do my job
I now know why

as the planet of karma
I’m here to make sure
you experience the challenges
you chose to endure

and while I feel for you
I’ll promise one thing
your hard work will pay off
positive growth it will bring

the job isn’t easy
since I feel for you
and I see how your karma
impacts your mood

but the hardship won’t last
the struggle is for cause
it stems from your past
but now grows you towards Oz

so take a moment to notice
that you’ve peeled many layers
you’ve gained wisdom from experience
you’ve answer your own prayers

and now there you sit
with a new wisdom at hand
you experienced life
and can now take a stand

for freedom and fairness
for love and for grace
you’ll pass on your wisdom
to the whole human race

at that point I’ll be done
that’s when I’ll take rest
knowing in my heart
you passed the great test

Venus: In Pursuit of Happiness (48in x 48in)

smile, dance and play
allow yourself to break free
those are the parts of you
deeply connected with me

tasting the colors of your life
is what I’m interested in
and something special happens when
those colors connect within

so open your arms and eyes
absorb the beauty all around
stop, savor, breathe them in
this is how fulfillment is found

and the greatest game we play
is opening arms to another
lovingly showing them the truth
that we’re all sisters and brothers

and by establishing deep connection
we can help each other see
the map to highest happiness
is allowing our hearts to play free

so find someone near you
and offer a hug or a hand
and by joining forces in love
Earth’s consciousness will expand