Breaking Open 48x48in.

the people closest to you
starting with your mom and dad
made a soul agreement with you
to help you rise above your past

at times this felt very painful
the pain may still impact you today
but the key to moving forward
is to understand the part they played

before you were in human form
you made preparations for this trip
you looked at your list for growth
and what you required to finish it

then your soul went on a journey
to find the special ones who would
agree to be the human teachers
that made sure you understood

that all of the darkness and pain
that your soul has ever felt
was placed in you to fully feel
until the day it finally melts

and your parents are those souls
who agreed to help you experience just that
that as your pain melts away
love is the aftermath

so get the help that’s needed
do the self-work to let go of pain
and thank your parents for helping you get to the place
where love is what remains

Evolution (36x36in.)

By David Lesinski

where did it start
and how is it that we’re one
yet feel so far apart

I look into my own eyes
as I stare into the mirror
and I swear I see something stirring
behind the blueish swirl

“what am I?”, I said out loud
waiting for a reply
and then it happened one day
I heard a voice say, “hi”

I jumped back and looked around
there was nothing there to see
then I closed my eyes and took a breath
and realized that voice was me

I followed that voice deep within
it was an amazing ride
and I learned a few things along the way
and here I will confide

it’s bigger than we ever thought
and more in depth as well
and while human life seems separate
we’re actually one loving cell

reaching out to touch and feel
we send information back
so that we know how great we are
and that there is no lack

in human form we’re made to forget
it’s how it has to be
so that one day we’ll realize
that we’re both A and Z

and know that it’s an honor
to be an antennae for the Divine
and just a part of the great mystery
that is this evolutionary ride

Whirlwind Within 48x36

this is a declaration that
I’m in a brand new state
and feeling love and happiness
are now part of my fate

my past has been quite limited
from fear swirling deep within
but I took the road to face my fears
and am now powered by where I’ve been

the journey wasn’t easy
at times I tried to hide
but something stirring deep within
showed me the truth of what’s inside

and now I say with confidence
I’m thankful for past fears
cause it was those limiting beliefs
that drove me to be right here

a place where I know happiness
comes from a place within
and the only way I measure that
is the size of my daily grin

The Warmth (30x48in)

a constant support from the Divine
is happening all the time
it’s rooted deep within your soul
then interweaves up your spine

and if you close your eyes
and turn attention deep within
you’ll notice that up and down your spine
Divine’s warmth is traveling

trace that flow along its path
and trust your experience
and when you run into a dark spot
let the warmth nurture it

it’s through this special process
of loving each part of you
that you’ll become total love
the Divine’s evolutionary tool

so accept the fact that you’re loved
and connected to the Divine within
and soon you’ll experience the truth
that you are actually him

One Truth (24x36in)

hidden deep within you
was everything you need
everything to give and love
everything to succeed

but like a floating iceberg
you only saw your tip
and the rest of you was hidden
in the karma just beneath it

until that day when something shifted
and you caught a wider glimpse
you saw that even that karmic weight
was a part of your holy script

based on things you’ve experienced
in this lifetime and before
that lead you to a sacred moment
where your karma was no more

it’s at that point you turned to light
shining into the hearts of others
powering them on their own journeys
while reaching out to help one another

a ripple effect was created
that stems from that very day
that all your work was finally done
and your ego had nothing left to say

so now you sit with a big decision
to come back or stay here
and with a smile in your soul’s heart
you decide to continue to help souls clear

One Direction (24x36in)

now that karma is erased
you’re freed up and on the go
powered by your lighter body
and the wisdom you now know

a higher vibratory state
runs throughout your inner web
and everyone one who comes near you
will benefit from what is said

truth you speak no matter what
painted by the love that’s in your heart
causing those who truly listen
to stop before they start

their eyes will widen then focus in
their ears will grab upon
the conscious ride of spiritual truth
your words will take them on

piercing their heart in special ways
that wakes them up inside
to the truth of who they really are
now that they cannot run and hide

and sometimes it will be a challenge
for them to listen to the truth
but because it comes from your heart to theirs
they’ll finish by saying thank you

then you’ll simply carry on
in the direction you were going
allowing more of you to rise on up
and leave others’ hearts glowing

New Direction (36x30in)

Father Time has taken toll
and now I’m on my knees
the tension in this room is thick
I force myself to breathe

it feels like a heavy weight
is sitting on my chest
and a pair of cold dark hands
are grappling at my neck

of course this situation
is a creation of my mind
based on a script I wrote
about my experiences over time

but now I have the power to
stand up to take a stand
to breathe a little life inside
to grasp for a helping hand

for I’m not in this alone
I’m not the only one who feels
in fact there is a group of us
who agreed to this deal to heal

and everything that we’ve been through
and all that we have learned
is providing us the strength and love
to grab the wheel and turn

and it’s taken a lot of fortitude
to stand up where others don’t
to chance it for the sake of Earth
gassed by belief and trust alone

but now I state some promises
starting with I’m in it till it’s done
and that if you take a stand with me
the new direction’s already done

The Line Up (24x48)

there your soul was standing
making the delicate plan
regarding which parts of your past
would be on your next exam

and that’s when you looked around
and saw your soul family standing there
holding on to all you have
showing their care with prayer

you realized you’re not alone
and the choice is simpler than you thought
of course you’re coming back
and that’s when your ticket was bought

then just before you entered in
you took one more look back
an amazing thing was happening
you smiled and even laughed

everyone was lining up
to make the same decision
to enter life with all they had
to stand up for this mission

to make the world a better place
that’s what we’re here to do
and we’re willing to deal with all our stuff
to help you deal with you

a reverberation was created
that rippled into all of life
and at that moment our tribe of souls
brought light into the night