20% Off Paintings for the Soul

July 1st-July 5th


I’m in-between showings and have the majority of my paintings at my house. Which means…no commission to the gallery!!! I can offer my paintings to you for a reduced price!

These are paintings that heal and evolve you. Each comes with a poem that couples with the painting to provide you more peace, calm and love in your life.

Below are just a few of the paintings I have with me. To see all available paintings go to www.DavidLesinski.com or schedule a time to come and check out the paintings in person.

10% of all sales goes to supporting children with special needs.

To hear what people are saying about owning the paintings go to…http://davidlesinski.com/paintings-for-the-soul-success-st…/

Call me if you have any questions or to set up a time to come and check out the paintings. I’m located in Encinitas. 760 815 6591