Take a moment to look at this painting and then read the poem. It will lead into this month’s message.

Jupiter: The Guru

look at me, breathe with me

allow fear to fall away

I’m stronger than you think

I’ll support you all the way

the love I have for you

is unconditional and pure

just open your arms and let me in

my love will be the cure
and the greatest gift I’m primed to give

is to help you look inside

deep within your karmic circles

where past experiences hide

it’s there you’ve stored many gifts

and wisdom from the past

and by opening up to wisdom within

expansion will happen fast

then one day to your pleasant surprise

you’ll evolve to an altitude

no longer will you experience me

as a separate part of you

together we will meld as one

and that’s when you’ll know the truth

that you’re the one doing all this

cause you’re the Great Guru

Love, Trust and Believe in Yourself

You’ve probably heard it before but a key to a fulfilled heart is loving oneself. So how do we make sure we are doing that. Well, a good start is doing the things you love to do, always be in gratitude and live a high vibe life (see past couple newsletters for review).

However, here are a few ideas for you to try this month. Try them all and stick with the ones that have most impact for you!

1. Mirror Activity: Take 15 minutes to look at yourself in the mirror and continually repeat, “I love you.” Journal about your experience. Try doing it 3 days in row!

2. Journal Activity: Start a list of your best qualities and successes. Think back to times you’ve supported friends, overcame fears,  felt successful on the job and more! Really take some time to notice and remember all the amazingness that you are. Consider purchasing a new candle that you burn whenever you take time to add to this list. Once done, continue lighting the candle on honor of you!

3. Meditation: Look at the painting above then read the poem. Place your hands on your heart and repeat the following phrases, to yourself, 11x each. Feel free to extend this meditation to repeating the phrases for 3+ minutes each. Smile as you say the words and see if you can really elicit a loving vibe in your heart!
I love you
I trust you
I believe in you

Podcast Interview

Thank you to Faith Shevlin (Faith Shevlin.com) for the awesome interview!

In this interview I discuss…

  • how soul-painting magically showed up in my life
  • how unresolved stress from the past gets stored in your body.
  • what Ayurveda really is.
  • a walkthrough of the 5 layers of self.
  • the benefits heart-based meditation can have on your health and happiness.
  • what a powerful, creator you are.
  • inspires you to do your work, trust your life and let your divine nature lead.
  • and more!!!

For Podcast click: INTERVIEW