Take a moment to look at the painting and then read the poem. It will lead into this month’s message.Mars: Planet of Action (48×48)  $2750         

it’s time to take action
don’t call in the troops
just call on me
i’ll help you assist you

you have all the energy
the passion and flare
to spread your wings
to take flight to take care

you’re a spiritual warrior
and I’m that in you
now let’s go to work
the world needs what you do

at times you have faltered
it happens to all
but the wisdom you gained
will now add to your call

so look in the mirror
or just look at me
it doesn’t matter which
we’re the same you see

with our forces combined
we’ll step forward with zest
and the Source that flows through us
will take care of the rest

so wake up world
cause your about to get hit
with a rise in consciousness
you’ll never forget

Take Action!

It’s amazing how fear impacts us. Fear of having that difficult conversation, fear to try something new and social anxiety are just a few common examples. For many of us, these fears stop us dead in our tracks preventing us from a breakthrough opportunity!

When fear sensations rise up and communicate to us, “Oh oh, this feels awkward.” or “Oh oh, this feels uncomfortable”, we’re being gifted a golden opportunity to expand and evolve. So what’s the best way to do this? MAKE A PLAN!

I used to be afraid of dancing. Yes, I was that guy at the wedding, uncomfortably sitting at the table, to scared to get up and move. I’d watch the faces of everyone out dancing and see how much fun they were having. But for no known reason, I was scared.

So I made a plan to take dance lessons and overcome my fear of dancing. I didn’t just walk in one day and begin. I made a plan that felt safe for me. Here it is…

1. online research of local dance studios (choose the one I feel most connected to).
2. Drive by and pick up fliers for classes. Talk with anyone there about the class format etc.
3. Sign up
4. go to class

By having a plan the stress of the situation was decreased. It was still a little scary walking into that first class. But I did it. My plan allowed me to step into that class and now dancing is something I love to do!

1. Choose that difficult conversation or fearful activity that you’ve been ignoring or putting off.
2. Make a 3-5 step plan for success.
3. Spend time looking at the painting above and read the poem. Allow the powerful and courageous energy of the painting support your process.
4. Begin your plan. 🙂