dave-speaking-copyI have spent many years supporting children and adults in making better life choices to improve health and happiness.

In 2002 I co-created and began teaching in a therapeutic classroom for kids with severe emotional disability. I used traditional teaching methods coupled with a spiritual practice to support children in making positive behavioral change in their lives. I had the pleasure of being recognized as West Bloomfield School’s (Michigan) elementary teacher of the year in 2008.

During my time as a teacher I was a certified Non-Violent Crisis Intervention trainer. I facilitated over 50 people a year in learning to respectfully deal with intense crisis-situations.

My spiritual journey began in 2004 when I became a Yoga instructor. I have taught many styles of yoga over the years and in the fall of 2010 I created and facilitated a 200 hour yoga teacher training. In 2007and 2008 I learned Reiki energy healing and spent time learning and practicing shamanic healing techniques. In 2008 I was introduced to the world of Ayurveda including Vedic Astrology and Vedic Counseling. Two years later I found myself graduating New World Ayurveda’s Practitioner course as a registered Ayurvedic practitioner.

Here’s where things got interesting. I moved to San Diego to begin my new career as an Ayurvedic health practitioner. I included energy work on my website to help pay the bills as I build my business. Within months two things began to happen…

1. Over 75% of my clients were booking energy healing appointments. 

2. During these energy healing appointments I began to perceive the “inner stories” of my clients and more importantly, what strategies they could be doing, outside of my office, to break free from the stress and emotional baggage they were carrying.
photo-3I began to record and share this information with my clients and they were shocked. Many were brought to tears as they realized the truth of their imbalances and that they could make things better.

By combining personal spiritual expediences with my Ayurvedic training I created Ayurvedic Emotional Wellness Coaching and now enjoy watching people leave my office at peace, happier and with a renewed sense of empowerment.

It’s my philosophy, that in order to efficiently heal our physical bodies and be happy we must dive into the “deeper” levels of our being including the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of us. It is here where stress sits and where we can find the answers to true, long-lasting health and happiness.

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