Take a moment to look at this painting and then read the poem. It will lead into this month’s message.

Soul Awakening     
By David Lesinski

the work that you’ve done
plus the work that you do
has made great impact
on you being you

every time you meditated
or attended a counseling session
every fear you walked through bravely
the wisdom gained from each lesson

has added up to quite a lot
and been stirring deep within
and reached a culmination point
within your evolution

your soul isn’t the same
as it was just before
it has now stepped into
a very special spiritual door

the connections have been made
realizations have set in
altitude is gained
you’re now soul-awakening

so each and every day
give gratitude for just that
cause the work that you’ve done
has made great impact

and it isn’t only you
that your self-work will touch and help
the whole world benefits
when you play the cards your dealt

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Soul Awakening: Honor Yourself

I believe every soul on this earth could have a riveting movie made about their life. That includes you! You’ve been through some stuff haven’t you?

Take some time this month to start a journal page honoring how far you’ve come in life. Take time to look back and honor the good times and the more challenging times. Start by simply listing what comes to mind when you ask, “What are some of the biggest successes I’ve had?” and/or  “challenges I’ve persevered through?” You could also ask questions like, “Who have I helped?” List everything no matter how big or small you think it is.

Then choose some of the more impactful experiences and do a separate journal meditation activity regarding what you gained or learned from these experiences. Who else was impacted by your actions in these situations? See the importance of these past moments.

Added challenge: If you notice, when looking back at life, certain people you need to “clean things up” with, make that call!  Speak from your heart without expectations. Speak in a way that leaves them feeling honored and respected when the call is over….no matter what the topic is. For support in this you may consider a few Emotional Wellness sessions. These types of communication will leave both parties feeling lighter and with more energy. This guided meditation will help set the healing stage!

Supportive Soul Awakening Meditation:
1. Spend a few minutes gazing at the painting above: Soul Awakening
2. Read the poem then close your eyes and sit quietly for a couple minutes.
3. Ask yourself: “What are some of the most impactful experiences of my life?”
4. Start your list then follow the journaling exercise mentioned above