Calling in the One Meditation

-Read through all of the steps before practicing the meditation.

1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

2. Spend 3 minutes breathing through the nose. Use 3 second inhales and 3 second exhales. Let it be a rhythm.

3. Call in two spiritual beings to support this meditation. See or feel their presence before moving on. For some, it may just be a knowing that these beings are with you.

4. Ask the spiritual beings to take you to a special meeting place. Trust that you will be taken to a special meeting spot that is the perfect place to connect with the energy of your next significant partner. Once you arrive take a moment to take in the scenery. Enjoy being there.

5. Once settled, call in the person who is to be your next special relationship (it’s ok if you don’t know who this is) and ask them to join you at this special place. Relax and let go of controlling or forcing something to happen. Just allow.*

*At this point the meditation scene may carry itself in many different ways. Just go with it. Enjoy seeing or sensing your future partner come to you. Notice what happens during this interaction. A lot can be learned about yourself and relationships during this meditation. For some people this may be a clear visual for other a vague visual. For some people it more of a knowing or a feeling like this person is present. Be open and trust in your experiences.

6. Feel free to ask your partner questions. I suggest asking their energy what you need to do to be fully prepared for the relationship. Other options are to meditate together, provide healing for each other or just enjoying that special feeling you have when next to each other.

7. Finish by praying together. Ask for teams of angels to support both of you in learning and growing so that you are ready for each other asap. Ask that you’re brought together at the perfect time…and oh yeah…sooner rather than later!

8. Always finish by saying a heartfelt goodbye and then place your hands on your heart. Thank the spirit guides who supported you and the Divine God for allowing you to experience this meditation.

Extra Support


1.After the meditation take time to journal what you learned from the experience.

2. It may be fun to take time beforehand  to journal. Write about the qualities that you would like your future partner to have. You may want to do a vision board. As you make your list circle the non-negotiables. Have fun with this. Feel the excitement in your body as you record some of the qualities you would like in your relationship.

3. Be open when doing this type of meditation. Follow my general guidelines but allow the meditation to flow. I once did this and was surprised and excited when my future partner arrived quickly. I enjoyed being with her energy but was surprised when the first words out of her mouth was, “You’re not ready yet.” After that she placed her hand on my heart and began to heal me. When I attempted to return the favor she prevented me and continued to heal me. She also told me the month we will be meeting! This was completely unexpected but I allowed the meditation to flow the way it needed to.