I’m excited to say the another Ayurvedic-Based Emotional Wellness client is off and running. I’ll let her words do the talking…

In less than 2 months of working with you I’ve; developed and maintained a daily spiritual practice, dropped caffeine, my art practice has returned to my life in a loving and supportive way, I’m feeling very connected with my power source and feeling it flowing through me, (guiding me and sustaining me), I gave birth to a really, really awesome and ACHIEVABLE business idea and I’m signing up for Kundalini yoga teacher’s training!!! THANK YOU for holding space for me and assisting me along my path. So much appreciated!”-Lisa, SD

This is what can happen when we commit to ourselves. By taking steps forward to let go of stress and find balance in her life, Lisa’s created space for more of her gifts to present themselves.

And there’s more good news… I now have a spot open for a new game changer to come and take their life to new heights. Are you ready?

To understand where the stress is sitting in your body, and how we can best eliminate it, enjoy the 30 minute video below. Let me know if you have questions!

Enjoy this 30 minute video that goes into detail about…

  1. The power of Heart Based Meditation and why it’s the most powerful stress-releasing tool I’ve experienced
  2. The layers of the human energy system and where you hold your stress
  3. Meditation-What is it?
  4. Benefits of Meditation
  5. Includes 3 unique art and poetry healing visualizations

I offer Heart Based Meditation to my Ayurvedic-Based Emotional Wellness clients at no extra charge. If interested give me a call or email and we’ll schedule in a brief chat to see if I can support you. 760 815 6591/david@davidlesinski.com