One of the best all around herbs to include in your diet on a regular basis (pitta dosha constitution be careful as it’s heating)

-Natural antibiotic –contains Allicin

-Purifies fatty tissue layer and Ama in general (undigested food)

-Stimulates action of the nerves, good for intellect. Improves clarity

and senses.

-Good for eyes.

-Stimulates liver and heart functioning.

Removes excess mucous from respiratory tract (good for bronchitis/pneumonia).

-Soothing action on throat.

-Supports reproductive tissue (semen)

-Clears menstrual blocks.

-Good for bone fractures.

-taken internally good for all Vata disorders, chronic breathing

problems, Vata dysuria, impotency, dysmenorrhea, fractures.

Special Note: Garlic taken with milk is said to help some Fibromalgia cases as well as osteoarthritis (for more info on Milk and Garlic go to