I am beyond excited right now (and yes that’s a bad pic of me dancing and sharing my excitement)!


I’ve been waiting to share with you the profound changes people are enjoying in their life due to the Emotional Detox online-video program!

So…for a short time only I’m providing it to you for 1/2 off!!!


Here are just a few of the successes being reported:

-my anxieties seem to be erased

-people are saying I look different and seem more energetic

-I’m more optimistic

-my husband and I are talking, I mean really talking, again

-I feel more confident in my career

-I’ve communicated things I’ve been holding in forever

-my whole world seem smoother and happier

-I’m more empathetic

-so much more but I’d rather you experience this for yourself!!!


But wait…What is the Emotional Detox Program?

The Emotional Detox Program is an experiential based, online, video program that provides you the information and methods required to let go of the stress, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that rob you of your happy time each day and cause the emotional roller coaster emotions.

This immediately takes your energy, relationships, abundance, happiness, peace and creativity to new highs.

The best part is this program can be viewed at your leisure within the comfort of your own home and the methods taught are meant for people with busy lives like you.


Still need more convincing

Check out this free video below that provides you more detail about the secrets to the emotional Detox Program and includes a guided meditation!


Free Webinar: Why Emotional Detox?
Free Webinar: Why Emotional Detox?


The incredible discount for you:


Here’s the incredible deal.

I typically provide this program (over $600 worth of information) for $175.

From now until April 23rd you can enjoy it for only $87 (1/2 off!!!).

Enrolling is very easy…click here:  SIZZLING HOT DEAL



Please only purchase this program if you’re ready and willing to enjoy a radical life shift that will positively impact your life along with everyone around you. 

Remember, all you’re doing is purchasing the program. You can choose when you actually watch and learn…although I wouldn’t wait too long. Spring is the best time to start the detox!!!

Feel free to pass this offer onto to friends and family. Let’s change this world one person at a time.

I’m here if you have questions.

Dave Lesinski,

760 815 6591