One Truth (24x36in)

hidden deep within you
was everything you need
everything to give and love
everything to succeed

but like a floating iceberg
you only saw your tip
and the rest of you was hidden
in the karma just beneath it

until that day when something shifted
and you caught a wider glimpse
you saw that even that karmic weight
was a part of your holy script

based on things you’ve experienced
in this lifetime and before
that lead you to a sacred moment
where your karma was no more

it’s at that point you turned to light
shining into the hearts of others
powering them on their own journeys
while reaching out to help one another

a ripple effect was created
that stems from that very day
that all your work was finally done
and your ego had nothing left to say

so now you sit with a big decision
to come back or stay here
and with a smile in your soul’s heart
you decide to continue to help souls clear