Metatron: Sliding Doors and Windows (48in x 60in)

do you know how many times you’ve opened up
and how many times you’ve flew
do you know why you leave the nest
to do the things you do

now’s the time to be made aware
to fully understand
you’ve been coming to this earth to make a change
to help your fellow man

in and out, in and out
you’ve travelled here many times
and every time you ran this course
closer to truth humanity climbed

so take a seat and call on me
and I’ll help you peer inside
’cause beyond all of your skin and bones
lies the reason why you fly

you’re a vessel filled with light and love
sent here to heal the planet
and I know sometimes you feel the pain
but you’re strong enough to stand it

and when it hurts call on me
I’ll remind you why you’re here
and together we will right this ship
and sail it back to God’s pier

and in due time you will experience
everything you really are
an angel here to save the world
sent from beyond the stars