Why Behind the Eyes

24x48in        $750

you’re being looked at
or maybe you’re being seen
it all depends on your approach
within this wakeful dream

which most likely is impacted
by this life and ones before
and the pain that’s got in-between
your body and your core

but please understand that
the pain can be removed
by realizing what you’re searching for
exists inside of you

it’s there waiting peacefully
to be seen by all of the eyes
of the beings you were in the past
which were simply your disguises

costumes worn to play this game
that is a little crazy
and also so the view of yourself
came off a little hazy

so the question that remains
is the good old fashioned “why”
why create this hazy game in
the space behind your eyes

well have you ever thought about
what life would be like as just one thing
and how knowing just one type of love
would probably be boring

so you designed a movie set
with many different roles
all to help you realize
you are the one who holds

the film, the camera and the script
that creates entire life
which you designed for you to know
that you’re the reason why