Apparently Angels Like Using Angel Cards

This was Sara’s first Transformational Healing appointment. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect or what her goals were for the session. All she knew is she’d been living an unhealthy life, both mentally and physically, and needed to pull things together.

We spent part of the time talking and part of the time doing Energy Restoration Therapy®. From the first conversation we had to her last moments on the table everything seemed to revolve around having a baby. The messages were guiding her to take time now to heal and find balance so she’d be ready to have a child in the near future.

The most interesting part of the session was when her future son’s energy showed up within her lower abdomen and began to make preparations for his arrival. He had a playful energy and was excited to be a part of her future family.

Another part of the session landed me in tears as my heart was flooded with Angelic communication guiding me to tell Sara how great of a mom she will be. The Angels wanted me to explain to Sara that should take what she’d learned from her mother and combine this with her own inner wisdom to create her own type of parenting philosophy.

We finished the session reviewing all of this and she was surprised but interested as this was not the first time an intuitive healer brought these things up with her. I handed her a deck of angel cards to finish the session and she began to shuffle the deck. She closed her eyes and made an intention to pull the one card that would be most beneficial for her to see and read at this moment in her life. She then pulled a card. The card speaks for itself.



Isn’t it great when we get direct communication from the Angels? For those of you new to this practice using and angel deck can be very helpful. You make an intention, shuffle the deck any way you like and then pull a card you are guided to pull (without looking at the front side of the card of course!). You can use the card as a daily thought, mantra or meditation.

There are many types of decks out there. I suggest going to your local spiritual shop or jump online and check out eBay. eBay has a lot of unopened decks of angel cards cheaper than if you buy at the store. Take a look at what is available and choose the deck that resonates with you. Enjoy. The angels can’t wait to support you on your journey!