On this particular day it was clear that my client’s first chakra needed a bit more security. As I began my work I guided her attention into her pelvic region in order to clean up some of the stressful energy she was holding there.

As soon as we took our attention that part of her body floods of helpful information appeared in my mind’s eye. I took my hands from her body and began to write. However, my attention was pulled from my focus on getting this information onto paper when I heard her say , “Are you touching my knee?”

angel de luz

“Ahh no.” I answered. At that moment I saw her face slightly change and a peace came over her. Her eyes were closed yet very small tears began to puddle in the corner of her eyes and stream down her face towards her ears. “An angel of security just walked in here.” She said. “His hand is on my knee right now and he’s communicating to me that all will be ok. That I can call on him whenever I need to be reminded that I am safe, secure and cared for.”

I’ve known since I first started this work that the healing on the table continues even when I am recording the intuitive impressions. It’s not really me doing any of this anyway…it’s the powerful team of Ascended Masters and angels I ask to come in and heal.  However, I’m still surprised when they allow in a special angel or spiritual helper to aid in the healing.

This session gets even more touching. My client reported to me later that she knew the 1st chakra had been healed when a white dove flew from her lower body towards her heart. With this visual came further “inner confirmation” that all was going to be ok.


There are more angels with us now than ever before. Call on them for help. Speak to them with your heart. Thank them for the support they’ve given you in the past. Every time you appreciate and savor live an Angel is smiling. For more details on this check out my Esoteric Nerd interview of John Krysko.