I decided to keep the window open today. The office was stuffy and I thought fresh air would be good. It was 8:45am Wednesday morning and my 1st client of the day was on the table and in the process of some deep spiritual work.

Early mornings are typically quiet on 2nd St. in Encinitas. But as my hands were guided to hover over her heart chakra things went from soft and relaxed to tumultuous and loud. My mind became cluttered with feelings and visions that gave the impression that her emotional heart was carrying a lot of stress, anxiety, sadness and fear. I perceived the face of someone frightened and nervously chewing their fingernails.


At the same time a loud screeching noise, like grinding metal startled me out of my meditative state. I’ve seen and heard a lot in my office but this couldn’t have been coming from her!

As I grounded into my physical body I realized that some tree trimmers were loading a wood chipper outside. The screeching sounds of tree roots being chopped seemed to harmonize with the stress that was clearing from her heart. I was shocked at how perfectly the irritating grind of the chipper matched the fearful sadness she was releasing.

I glanced at my client and she seemed unbothered and in deep meditation. I closed my eyes and continued the clearing. In our post session discussion we discussed the experience and she agreed that lately it has felt like her heart was in an emotional grinder…always twisting and turning and feeling uneasy.  She was happy to be getting some relief.


This was not the first time that the external environment seemed to match what was going on in the body of a client.

Another example was when a client, who lived above his cluttered and dirty garage, came in complaining about intestinal issues. He was shocked when one of my suggestions was to clean up the garage.

After cleaning his garage his digestion improved greatly. He was shocked when I explained to him that our external life is greatly connected with our inner body and that’s why cleaning up the lower portion of his home supported the clean-up of the lower portion of his body.

Interested in taking a look at what limiting beliefs and stress patterns you still carry? Take a look and your external environment for clues. You never know what a little detective work may provide to you! Still having trouble determining the root cause of your health issues? If so come on in and enjoy Transformative Healing!