36×36      SOLD

many lifetimes ago
a gaping hole was created
when that soul, that love, and me
were suddenly separated

and now that hole leads the charge
with it’s hands upon it’s hips
laughing out hysterically 
as it glares at passing ships

“throw your anchor and come aboard”
it challenges each crew
then sits back with arms crossed waiting
knowing what I will do

I welcome in with open arms
a crooked smile sits on it’s face
I feel excitement from stern to bow
I’ve longed for this embrace

it feels so right, this must be it
I finally filled that hole
but just as I get out champagne
the hole laughs and takes its toll

dropping me into the deep
I struggle to stay afloat
I fight, I kick, I scream out loud
I reach back for my boat

it’s too late, the hole to big
the visitors have grown impatient
they waited for as long as they could
but their new captain didn’t make it

off they go back out to sea
as I sit drenched on my front deck
wondering if that crew will be
the last crew that I get

tears well up as the weight sets in
alone I lay and cry
and that is when I see the light
shining upon me from the sky

in that moment I feel the truth
I see what had been done
it was the failing of that attempt
that prepared me for the one

I sit up quickly with my wide eyes
I stare out out onto the sea
and that is when I see a ship
steering itself right towards me