This course is available one on one, large workshop format or via online video course.

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“Alex began the school year wanting to be a hockey player when he grew up. You have inspired him to want to become a teacher. This makes me very happy. I like him with teeth! There is a saying; ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child.’ We are grateful you are a part of our village. Keep up the good work!” –Sharon, MI


“I loved the organization and examples presented in this workshop. You blend a rich background with a kind hearted and supportive nature to what you do. I really appreciate the spiritual nature of the event and can’t wait to continue with your next course!” -Lynn Adams CA



Join Dave Lesinski, award winning educator and Ayurvedic Practitioner, in learning and exploring the top holistic strategies for growing compassion, balance and happiness in the new age child. Now is the time to step into dynamic parenting and it’s easier than you think!

These recorded webinar videos interweave relaxation techniques with innovative teaching. Enjoy feeling an inner sense of calm in the comfort of your own home as you learn over 15 proactive “awakening strategies” geared towards; empowering children, soothing emotional ups and downs, diverting challenging behaviors and growing children confidently into their future.

This course is available one on one or via online video course.


Topics Covered:

  • Awakening and what it means
  • Eliminating fear and anxiety in children
  • Emotional flowing and processing exercises
  • Building confident communicators
  • Power parenting language approach
  • Digging out of depressed states guidelines
  • Meditation for children
  • Flowing energy to heal emotional injury
  • The #1 secret to awakening your children
  • Aroma therapy for children


You Will Receive:

  • Over 3 hours of videos
  • A complete set of handouts
  • 6 downloadable meditations for kids
  • Over 15 easy-to-apply Awakening Our Children Strategies


Start With a Free Strategy Session:

1.Call me at (760) 815-6591 for a free strategy session.
2.If I think this program is for you, we’ll get you started! This course is available one on one or via online video course.