Art Classes


“I had the opportunity to attend David’s Soul Painting class this past summer. I really enjoyed the soulful and heart based approach from which paintings can spring forth. There is a wisdom in this approach. Layer by layer we create from inspiration and intuition.  This class invites you to be playful and paint from the heart. This approach is for everyone, no matter your skill level or experience. You just need to show up and listen to the creativity within you.” -Cindy, Encinitas

Soul Painting Class

This relaxing and meditative art class gives you a behind the scenes experience of my soul painting philosophy and methods with a focus on you experiencing a deep connection with the intuitive and creative wisdom your soul carries.

By tapping into your own inner voice you will:
1. Connect with the artist within & strengthen your intuition
2. Create a beautiful & personal work of art to take home with you
3. Feel a greater sense of clarity, relaxation, freedom and excitement
4. Understand the steps to creating soul based artwork

This class can be offered in one on one, small and large group classes. I can come teach at your office, school or home and keep in mind each art class can be themed or tailored to fit your needs. For example; opening up to your creative side, relaxation and stress release or just plain having fun.

I look forward to planning a class with you!

David Lesinski
Contact: 760 815 6591