Art Classes

1. Developing Your Intuition through Soul Painting

This relaxing and meditative art class allows you to experience a deep connection with the intuitive and creative wisdom your soul carries. By tapping into your own inner voice you will:
• Connect with the artist within & strengthen your intuition
• Create a beautiful & personal work of art to take home with you
• Feel a greater sense of clarity, relaxation and freedom

Current 2017 Schedule: No classes currently scheduled.

2. Create Your Own Class:

  • I offer one on one, small and large group classes.
  • I can come teach at your office, school or home
  • I offer art classes that can be themed or tailored to fit your needs. For example; opening up to your creative side, relaxation and stress release or just plain having fun.
  • I look forward to planning a class with you!

Contact: 760 815 6591