24x24in: $575
24x48in: $1500
36x36in: $1500
48x48in: $2250
48x60in: $2450
Other sizes available upon request.


Your Soul Painting and Poem

Enjoy the benefic power of having your own soul painting. It’ll provide color and beauty to your home and positively impact your life as well.

These paintings are evolutionary tools that elicit positive growth and transformation leading to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. They’re a way to establish a greater connection with the soul-centered part of you.

Some examples of soul painting themes/benefits are; improved self-expression, increased self-love, abundance and connection with something greater.

The Process

To create soul paintings I spend time in meditation with the intention of seeing the colors, layers and textures that represent your soul growth. When finished I spend time meditating with your painting in order to write a poem that speaks to its energy. Each painting comes with a copy of this poem and pictures of the unseen layers that went in to creating your painting.

Soul Paintings can also be created for pets and loved ones! 🙂

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“Having my soul painted was an amazing experience. I now use a picture of it on my website since it is such a good representation of who I am.”-Emunah Melanovitz


I am here to tell you
one smile can warm a room
’cause I was in her presence once
and my heart began to bloom

a healing flow of energy
stems from deep within
pouring forth onto the world
every time she grins

it’s amazing to meet a person
who truly leads with heart
whose words, energy and actions
sets them far apart

so if you get a chance
to spend time in her presence
soak up as much as you can
for you’ve been gifted a Divine present

Example: Speaking Your Truth

Peace Flow
by David Lesinski

through relationships with people
our hearts learn and grow
until the day we’ve learned enough
and love is all we know

but on the way there may be bumps
caused by the fear that’s in the way
which in turned causes us
to hold back the words we say

and on the day you realize
that it’s you who’s holding back
start by forgiving yourself
you’re doing the best with what you have

often times we fear what’s next
or what will happen when we speak
not knowing that it’s just our perception
in the way of the love we seek

so take a breath and go within
call on the spirit guiding you
ask for healing, courage and support
then lovingly speak the truth

after that sit back and smile
as connection increases and grows
not only the connection between you and them
but the one between you and your soul