Dave’s Vedic reading was a much needed breath of fresh air.  It brought everything into perspective for me, tying together past lives and the big question of why and what I’m here to do in this lifetime.   It all just made sense and gave me clarity.  Thank you Dave! 
-Chris, San Diego

I really enjoyed how you dug deeper into my chart and were able to uncover deeper rooted habits and tendencies. After the reading I had a special experience in which I sensed the messages from the astrology chart and my ancestors entering my being like a warm hug. I just felt good and reassured and I was able to tap into a a new level of appreciation and self worth just hearing the words during the reading. I definitely felt the reiki-like healing energy from the reading as well. It powered me up through the holidays and left me feeling like I had a deep and restful sleep. I feel completely rejuvenated! I look forward to being present with the upcoming Moon time period in my chart and have been applying the Venus and Lakshmi chants as well. Thank you again! –Sophia, Encinitas CA

This astrology reading one of the most positive experiences of my life. Dave delivered the reading kindly, professionally, lovingly and with honor. I’ve never been so excited to go on a spritual journey as the one I am embarking on with Dave. The insights I have gained this far have been life impacting. 
-Danny, San Diego

In the days approaching my Vedic astrology reading I was excited but because it was my first and I didn’t know what to expect I was a little nervous. Dave’s persona quickly made me feel comfortable and I became enthralled in the reading. Throughout it, Dave provided me with tools on how I could dig deeper into the information I was being given. I am using many of those tools today and am immensely grateful for the empowerment it has given me. Before the experience I was constantly questioning myself, questioning my own feelings; but, Dave’s analysis gave me confidence and its like a breath of fresh air. This new way to insight is priceless and it will definitely not be my last Vedic astrology reading.
-Bridget, Michigan

Over the years, I’ve deeply valued your readings, for the insights have provided me with so much clarity about my journey of growth & Self Work, whether it be in regards to health, career, relationships, you name it. –Jess, Oregon

Dave has provided both myself and my 19 year old daughter Vedic Astrology readings. I could see the results immediately with my daughter…She heard herself through Dave. The reading really resonated with her and Dave gave her tools to support her self love and self care. Dave has helped me step into my empowerment and release stagnation. After the reading I was able to step into being one who is healed rather than one who feels that have to constantly be healing myself. Also, the reading brought about a smooth transformation of a relationship that was no longer romantic and now has the title of friendship.
-Brandi, San Diego

My Vedic astrology readings with Dave have always been extraordinarily therapeutic, practical, and accurate. Dave has a potent gift of translating esoteric information into practical, actionable advice that has had an immediate impact upon my life every time I get a reading from him. His intuition is spot-on, and his astrological knowledge is extraordinary. I don’t go to anyone else for Vedic astrology readings, and have referred many of my friends to him. I absolutely trust Dave to provide insightful, accurate, and potent guidance.
-Edward, Vista, CA

“In less than 2 months of working with you I’ve; developed and maintained a daily spiritual practice, dropped caffeine, my art practice has returned to my life in a loving and supportive way, I’m feeling very connected with my power source and feeling it flowing through me, (guiding me and sustaining me), I gave birth to a really, really awesome and ACHIEVABLE business idea and I’m signing up for Kundalini yoga teacher’s training!!! THANK YOU for holding space for me and assisting me along my path. So much appreciated!”
-Lisa, San Diego

“Extraordinarily grateful doesn’t capture the immense gratitude I feel toward you and your help/guidance/connection these last 12 months. My life is forever altered. You are a tremendous person and I’m glad our paths crossed.”-Jimmy Rogers Chicago

Dear David, you had such a tremendous effect on who and how I am today that my words cannot describe. So thank you from the deepest point of my being for all the love, consciousness and gratitude that you have exposed me to and continue to do so. A little website that does stories on people who don’t have their voices echoed much picked up my story through Instagram and later did a full length interview. In their last question they asked who do I want to give a shout out to and you came to mind. With much love and gratitude to all the other beautiful teachers and mentors that I have had, I named you in there.-Asal Shokati, Austin Texas


David, You are one of the most sensitive, and caring people I know….. you have great listening skills and your intuition and spiritual discernment is off the charts….. you have been a blessing in my life!

Steve Marvin, CA

David is a profound healing practitioner. He created a safe healing space for me. David was able to identify and help me to release old stubborn patterns that were standing in the way of me moving forward and fulfilling my truest heartfelt desires. He encouraged my creative projects and since working with him new doors of opportunity have opened for me. David’s powerful insights and wisdom yielded nothing short of a miracle healing for me. I feel honored and blessed to have met and worked with David. Working with David left me with a perpetual smile on my face and in my heart.

Anne Nania, CA

“My Transformational Healing sessions with David are very healing and powerful. I have enjoyed working with him and feel that, with his help, I have made some big strides in terms of understanding myself and learning useful skills to help me lead a happier life.Overall I feel more optimistic.I am very grateful for the changes that David has made to my life. I also appreciate having Heart Based meditation in my life. What a wonderful experience it is and how much it has changed my entire outlook on living (and I have only been meditating for three months).”

Anca Cooney, Romania

“A few sessions with David gave me the energy boost I needed to reach a new level of success.  David’s energy work is impeccable and helped me quickly clear up a couple of patterns that had been troubling me.  He is sensible and sensitive and our work has integrated very smoothly with my own healing practice.”

Ruth Wilson, Royal Oak, MI

“Time to update my teacher! The nighttime routine you recommended has been an effective and relaxing ritual. Practicing the meditation you taught me at night creates a deeper sleep too. I had a big exam last week and followed your advice to practice deep breathing strategies and positive affirmations during the test. I’ve also put into practice your suggestion of only giving Kaia two directions at a time and her behavior is improving! Thank you for sharing all your gifts with me. I’m so thankful to have met you! Forever Grateful.”

Danielle Admendares San Diego CA

“At a time in my life when I felt so very hopeless with poor health and a weakened spiritual practice, I was guided to contact Dave & inquire about the work he does. I found so much inspiration watching his videos and felt he was sincere. It is very rare to come across someone so genuine and trustworthy in their effort to help and heal others. Judging from the profound positive & calming effect the Transformational Healing sessions had on me, I have no doubt in my mind that David is truly blessed. It shows in his dedication and his resolute commitment to helping others. This is not just ‘work’ for him, this is his life calling-to be an instrument of peace and to help us live the vibrant lives we are meant to live. Thanks to implementing his radiant living strategies, guided meditations, personal health advice I love life again, am following a healthier lifestyle, and I have a revitalized enthusiasm to dive deeper in to my personal spiritual practice. So much gratitude for the spiritually empowered work David does.”

Bindi Tantod-Sharma, San Diego CA

“I feel lucky to have David Lesinski a trained Ayurvedic physician living right here in Encinitas.  He has brilliantly helped me to understand problems in my body that no others have been able to understand or explain, and he does this with a lot of clarity, simplicity and patience. Because of this I have been able to make significant changes in my body and daily life. I would heartily recommend him to others and I have done so repeatedly.”

Marsha, Encinitas, CA

“David has a deep knowledge and internalized understanding of how the yogic sciences come together. His previous career as district wide teacher of the year brings a rare mix of talents that will enhance the lives of all who make themselves available to what he has to share.”

Mitch, West Bloomfield, MI

“Dave is an expert in “yoga-guidance” and a compassionate teacher. The aspect that makes his class so superior is its perfect flow…one pose into the next…the perfect balance. There is a perfect rhythm…some difficulty  mixed with ease at the same time. He has a soothing voice and gives gentle breathing and postural reminders. It is almost hypnotic at times. His classes can be a deeply profound and meditative experience.”

Arlene, Keego Harbor, MI

“I was in your Sunday morning class at Spa Mariana and have been meaning to write and thank you since then. I am grateful to have met you and thank you for the ways in which you share your guidance with others. It is beautiful! Not only are you nourishing seeds of growth within people, you are also providing them with an awareness that connecting within is natural, good and accepted. You are opening doors and allowing people to feel safe connecting within. Thank you, David. I hope that some day, I too, may be in a position to be a gentle voice or soft nudge for others to connect with their own inner wisdom.”

Sherry Tester, Birmingham MI

“Dave Lesinski is a gifted healer that seems to magically blend practical wisdom with deep intuitive guidance. The work he does has affected me on so many levels—physically, spiritually and mentally.  My sessions with him have been transformative, to say the least. With Dave’s guidance, I have integrated many things into my life that have helped ease my anxieties, soothe my belly, and propel me further into the fulfilling life that I know I’m meant to be living.”

Erin Floresca, CA (Long Distance Client)

“I experienced such a personal, profound moment with you. I am still working on the deep awakening as it stirred a knowing coursing through my body/spirit that has me looking at my life in a completely different way. You are the real deal and you have the ability to get down to the “nitty gritty” in a supportive, nurturing way. It is nice to be uncovering and healing those “hidden places” in me that have been buried for so long that I hardly remember. Thank you David for your profound service to humanity.”

Helena Lake, CA

“When I started to work with David, I thought it was to uproot deep patterning that has created obstacles throughout my life. Well, we succeeded with that but also, his guidance was instrumental in taking my business to the next level. Any entrepreneur, business owner or corporate leader would be wise to invest in Transformational Healing with David as a way of unlocking inspiration and breaking through to their next level of amazing. I love working with him and the doors it opens!”

Lynne Golodner, MI (Long Distance Client)

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of heart based meditation! I would like to let you know that in the first session of heart meditation, my body responded rather dramatically.  Since childhood, my nervous system has been sensitive and carries feelings of anxiety much of the time. Using my Apple watch to track my heart beats per minute, it normally registers between 80 and 90.  Yet after the first session, I carried an almost magical feeling of peace and serenity for 2-3 hours after the session.  I checked my Apple watch.  During the time of the meditation, it recorded consistent heart beats per minute as 60 to 63, the level I usually record when fully asleep!  More than that, the lower level persisted for 2-3 hours just as the feelings of peace and serenity!  But, I wasn’t asleep. I was walking around doing household chores,  What a motivator to continue practicing heart meditation:  peace and serenity given to my body as a way of lovingly taking care of it!  I most definitely will let you know my further progress! Love and blessings sent to you!” Linia (Encinitas)