David Lesinski
(Ayurvedic Practitioner, Artist, Poet, M.A.Ed.)

Email Me:
Phone: 760.815.6591

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1. Call me at (760) 815-6591 to talk about what is going on with your health.
2. If I think I can help, we’ll set up a session to address your specific needs.
3. We can work together in-person at my office, on the phone or via on-line video call.
4. After speaking, I’ll send an e-mail with appointment details.



Floracopeia Essential Oil Discount

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For a 25% discount off essentials oils, diffusers and other essential oil products follow these steps.

1. Click on the Floracopeia logo above.
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Maharishi Ayurveda Discount

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For a 10% discount off Ayurvedic herbs, essential oils and more call Maharishi Ayurveda (1 800 255 8332) to place order and mention my name.

Banyan Botanicals 

Click the logo above to view the website. Banyan is a great choice for organic herbs and other Ayurvedic resources. For those doing abhyanga (self oil massage) I suggest ordering your bulk oils here.