Dave Lesinski Hiking

It all began when I was floating.

Allow me to explain…When I was 25 years old I’d been going through an emotionally fatiguing few months. In fact, I was perceiving the stress of life to be so intense that I was having at least one panic attack a month.

The most significant attack happened as I was walking to work one day. Everything seemed fine until the “black cloud” happened. You see, up until then I thought cartoons weren’t real. However, you remember that black rain cloud that would come flying into the scene and start raining on one of the characters? That happened!

What felt like a black cloud of rain began hovering over me, pouring raindrops of fear, worry, and anxiety onto my head. I actually dropped to my knees for about 15 seconds before the cloud hovered out of the scene and I was able to get up and muster the energy to keep moving forward.

This level of worry and fear continued on for months until I had enough. I made two choices to get better.

First, I walked into my doctor’s office and told them, and I quote, “I’ll take any pill. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I don’t care about side effects. Just make me feel better.”

Second, I walked into my first yoga class. And after fumbling through the postures for 55 minutes I was guided to lay down in “Shavasana” which is the final 5-minute resting posture. This is when “it” happened. As I closed my eyes I felt my body tingling. Then I lifted off the yoga mat and was floating.

Now, was my body actually lifting off the mat? I’ll let you decide for yourself. Either way, in that moment, I discovered the power of holistic healing. That little slice of beauty that happened as I was laying on that mat was enough to open my eyes to another way.

Ever since I’ve been on a quest for the best and most efficient forms of self-healing or as I’d like to say, self-evolution.

The short version of the next 14 years included becoming a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, Ayurvedic practitioner, reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, men’s work facilitator as well as spending time doing medicine work with shamans and many other forms of holistic healing.

And yes…I immediately replaced medication with meditation.

As you can see, I believe in learning through experience. I’ve always said, “Watch it, discuss it, read it and learn. But most importantly, experience.”

Based on my amazing spiritual journey and experiences I’ve put together a powerful system for self-healing and evolution. My passion is supporting people in accessing the positive-power, love and bliss they carry within. I love assisting people in letting go of emotional weight that is simply not needed anymore.

You want to know what I’m about? Here’s what I believe…

  • I believe you have the ability to efficiently evolve to great states of compassion, peace, integrity, trust, faith and love.
  • I believe the positive changes begin happening as soon as you make an intention to evolve and grow and commit to this evolution.
  • I believe that evolving is our right as humans and that the more we evolve the greater positive impact we have on the world and everyone in it.

If you would like to know more, ask questions or start your evolution Contact me and let’s get going.