“I have redecorated my home using the lovely colors in your painting, Love Bath.  My home  now is my haven with white walls, sandy colored tile flooring and accent shades of  blue green and turquoise as in your painting.  Your painting has become the centerpiece of my home! Also, in addition to my  evolving healing practice based on enhancing healing energies with light and sound, I have felt inspired to set as my purpose to actively bring the positive frequencies of love wherever I am.  I feel it is the reason I was born and why I am alive at this time and place.  So, David, you and the marvelous painting are part of that inspiration that has led me to understand my purpose.  
So, I thank you for sharing the essence of your being in your paintings and poems!”-Liana, Encinitas CA



into the great abyss

your soul memories dive

mixing with the great consciousness

you’re ready to arrive

but before you fall away

you take one more look back

you know this isn’t the final time

you’ll bathe in this great bath

and with that loving feeling held

you release into the flow

that moves you along your spiritual path

to experience and grow

until the day you’ve lived enough

you’ve experienced and evolved

to a place of self-realization

where separation is solved

it’s at that point you will know truth

causing your arms to open wide

that everything is bathed in love

and love is the reason why

without a perceived disconnect

in which you experience something else

you wouldn’t know how amazing you are

the total you wouldn’t be felt

so you created a special system

to allow your truth be fully known

and now that you know you are pure love

your soul can return home



“I loved the painting as soon as I saw it. But when I read the poem I felt like it was written for me. I loved it’s energy so much that I bought a 2nd painting by David Lesinski.” -Tara Tiepel

Weathered Soul

you’ve had moments
when you’ve had to weather the storm
fighting to stay positive
stress levels way above norm

I’m here to say to you
thank you for your work
cause it’s at those times you fought and cried
you were fighting for planet earth

we’re all connected beings you see
connected deep within our souls
so when you rose above your karma
the whole world got a chance to grow

bumps sometimes occur in life
so remember what you now know
every time you rise above
I get to step closer to Flow

thank you for choosing to do the work
when most people run and hide
and Mother Earth thanks you too
cause your work has turned the tide

“Your poem, Peace Flow” really inspired me and put me at ease. Thank you for writing such beautiful poetry and for being such an amazing artist. The beauty you offer the world is remarkable. Through difficult times I read your poem and it really helped when I’ve felt like the world was too much for me to handle.  Kudos to you for your art.”-Sandra Campo

Peace Flow

through relationships with people
our hearts learn and grow
until the day we’ve learned enough
and love is all we know

but on the way there may be bumps
caused by the fear that’s in the way
which in turned causes us
to hold back the words we say

and on the day you realize
that it’s you who’s holding back
start by forgiving yourself
you’re doing the best with what you have

often times we fear what’s next
or what will happen when we speak
not knowing that it’s just our perception
in the way of the love we seek

so take a breath and go within
call on the spirit guiding you
ask for healing, courage and support
then lovingly speak the truth

after that sit back and smile
as connection increases and grows
not only the connection between you and them
but the one between you and your soul


“I love the chakra colors and how they represent me. I put this Rebirth II from and center in my home as a reminder to stay balanced and centered.” -Helena Lake

Rebirth II

it’s time to fully grasp
this isn’t your first rodeo
and that you created this human ride
so your truth would be fully known

your desire was to always know truth
that you are constant love and grace
and that passion created intelligent ripples
which began to collaborate

then out of perfection came human form
as a way to experience that truth
that everything is total love
which in turn means God is you

so now that you know this sacred fact
I think it’s pretty clear
that experiencing what you really are
is the reason why you’re here

so take a moment and think about
the best way to experience you
and since you decided on the five senses
what sensations shall you choose

love, peace and joy
mixed with a little bit of bliss
these would be the favored choices
you’d want your senses to experience

so the simple fact remains
since God and you are the same
experiencing grace, peace and love
is the only rule of your game

“I love the layers. At times I feel like I am in the layers of the painting.” -Veronica Lopez

Lustrous Gem

there is a power center
hidden deep within you
and sometimes it’s bogged down
by guilt and shame’s residue

but there is no better time
then right here and now
to break free of the guilt you carry
and let your true colors out

it begins by realizing
no one’s perfect at this game
and in regards to what you’ve done
you were doing the best you can

then step into your truth
and do what you love to do
and watch as people follow your lead
cause we could use more people like you

know that you’re a special being
who carries special gifts
and by being your authentic self
the world’s consciousness lifts

“This painting and poem reminds me of how I reflect universal love to others.”-Vianka Mendez

Soul Awakening

the work that you’ve done
plus the work that you do
has made great impact
on you being you

every time you meditated
or attended a counseling session
every fear you walked through bravely
the wisdom gained from each lesson

has added up to quite a lot
and been stirring deep within
and reached a culmination point
within your evolution

your soul isn’t the same
as it was just before
it has now stepped into
a very special spiritual door

the connections have been made
realizations have set in
altitude is gained
you’re now soul-awakening

so each and every day
give gratitude for just that
cause the work that you’ve done
has made great impact

and it isn’t only you
that your self-work will touch and help
the whole world benefits
when you play the cards your dealt

“I’ve never felt such a connection to a piece before. Even before I read the poem it was like running into a brick wall. It screamed my name and made me stop and pay attention. It pulled me from my funk and quieted the voice inside my head. The voice of confusion, judgement and ego. It brought me back to earth, back to my “why”; and to think I didn’t want to come into the office today. And the coolest part about it…I had no idea you had painted it with me in mind. Thank you.”-Brandi Daniels

One Truth

hidden deep within you
was everything you need
everything to give and love
everything to succeed

but like a floating iceberg
you only saw your tip
and the rest of you was hidden
in the karma just beneath it

until that day when something shifted
and you caught a wider glimpse
you saw that even that karmic weight
was a part of your holy script

based on things you’ve experienced
in this lifetime and before
that lead you to a sacred moment
where your karma was no more

it’s at that point you turned to light
shining into the hearts of others
powering them on their own journeys
while reaching out to help one another

a ripple effect was created
that stems from that very day
that all your work was finally done
and your ego had nothing left to say

so now you sit with a big decision
to come back or stay here
and with a smile in your soul’s heart
you decide to continue to help souls clear

“I believe they say art inspires art. When I got your painting I was blown away and fell in love immediately. After admiring your painting I figured it was time to start painting. So instead of throwing away the crate your painting was delivered in I repurposed it as a canvas and now have a new art piece hanging in our home. By the way, The picture of “The Storm” doesn’t do it justice. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to get special lighting put in to light the piece properly. Thank you!” -John Beers, Atlanta

 The Storm

hidden deep within
we bring with us karmic storms
and due to these anomalies
in human form we’re born

but before we wish they weren’t
understand this sacred truth
without these inner storms
there’d be no such thing as you

it’s the ebbs and flows of consciousness
that makes this playground fun
plus the experience of two
will one day show us that we’re one

the Great Nature has a plan
so trust and believe
that even your karmic storms
were built to help you see

that all of the ups and downs
exist to expand your soul
and is the most divine way for you
to experience your whole