Ok. So the first thing I need to ask is…Did you do your homework? Sorry! But I spent 13 years as a teacher so it’s a habit to collect homework 1st! 🙂

Plus, last month’s newsletter topic was so important! It talked about making a list of things you love to do and then doing those things. And while it sounds simple it’s of ultimate importance when it comes to self-love, self-care and overall health and happiness.

Here’s a peek at part of my list:
-sitting and reading on the beach
-performing improv (come watch me perform in my next show on March 4th: IMPROV)
-going out to dinner once a week (and maybe even dessert, shhhh!)
-spending time with animals




Have a Happy Spirit

This week we’re going to kick it up a notch but choosing 2-3 rituals or behaviors, that when added to our daily routine, can really uplift our energy and increase our smile time. The best part is most of these take little effort or time. Check out the list below. Choose a few and get going. Once you get the idea of what can be uplifting to your spirit start adding to the list. To help you get started on your list take a little time looking at the painting and poem below.

-eat lots of organic fresh fruits and veggies
-take relaxing walks in nature
-open windows and air out home each day
-smile and laugh a lot
-stop for a few minutes and take some deep breaths
-create a warm, uplifting home environment
-clear out clutter
-play uplifting or soothing music
-wear comfortable clothes
-keep a journal
-get a massage or enjoy another type of spiritual body work
-be of service to others
-be in gratitude, start a gratitude journal
-use positive speech
-use essential oils for aroma therapy
-call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
-do the things you love to do: remember….your homework from last week!!!
-exercise in nature
-sip relaxing herbal teas
-meditate each day-contact me if you have questions about meditation or want to learn!


















Venus: Pursuit of Happiness (48x48in)

smile, dance and play
allow yourself to break free
those are the parts of you
deeply connected with me

tasting the colors of your life
is what I’m interested in
and something special happens when
those colors connect within

so open your arms and eyes
absorb the beauty all around
stop, savor, breathe them in
this is how fulfillment is found

and the greatest game we play
is opening arms to another
lovingly showing them the truth
that we’re all sisters and brothers

and by establishing deep connection
we can help each other see
the map to highest happiness
is allowing our hearts to play free

so find someone near you
and offer a hug or a hand
and by joining forces in love
Earth’s consciousness will expand
Happy Valentines Day!!!

David Lesinski