Happy New Year!

Welcome to the transformative energy of 2018!!!

Do any of these sound like the 2018 you?

-It’s time to feel comfortable in my own skin
-It’s time to speak up/speak my truth
-I’m ready to be in a healthy, romantic relationship
-I’d like a better relationship with my family
-It’s time for a career change and/or to impact the world in fulfilling ways
-I’m going to replace self-doubt with a more empowering way of being
-I’d love to increase my income and abundance
-I’m ready for a spiritual upgrade and closer connection to Source/God


When talking with friends, family and clients I’m realizing that transformation is in the air.

To support your transformation I’m offering a 1/2 off sale on all current in-stock art pieces (this does not include pieces in galleries). There’s plenty of beautiful and powerful art available to support all of the above themes and much more!  I also offer two types of prints if that works better for you.



  1. Click the “for sale” link at http://davidlesinski.com/paintings-portfolio/
  2. Browse through the paintings until one catches your eye or calls to you.
  3. Click on the painting so you can gaze at the painting for 30 seconds.
  4. Read the poem.
  5. Close your eyes and relax for a minute or two. If looking to purchase, check-in with your intuition to see if it feels right. Maybe even ask your higher self where in your home it could be placed.
  6. Click the “buy me” link and send me a message or call me!



Soul art paintings and poetry are painted with the intention to support your journey. One painting/poem combo is configured to honor your past, meet you in the present and take you gracefully into the future. The best way to experience this phenomenon is by following the steps above in “how to pick your piece”. Whether looking to buy or just receive some meditative support make sure to go to the link provided below. For a more detailed description of my process check out: http://davidlesinski.com/about/

10% of all sales supports children with special needs!

As always I’m available for any questions you may have. Thank you for reading as it is an honor to paint these paintings for you and for the evolutionary growth of our world.

Happy New Year!
David Lesinski
760 815 6591
[email protected]