This is a channeled message from the Angels of the Golden Ray

Gifts Exist Within You

First know that you have a lot to offer. You carry many gifts made of wisdom, love, creativity and more within you and many are lying dormant, waiting to be called upon. Waiting for you to be ready to unleash them. One of the most beautiful results of personal growth is the untethering of these gifts hidden within. Bit by bit you’re introduced to these gifts in a way that allows you to see yourself more clearly, notice how unlimited you really are and provide more of yourself to the world.

The more inner work you do the more deconstruction, rehabilitation and evolution of self you experience. In other words the more YOU you become. It’s like a computer or cellphone being upgraded. Not only does your body system begin to work and feel better but anyone coming in contact with you is impacted  positively as well. This is what the world needs most. The deepest, most real and authentic version of you possible. Hiding, in the form of keeping beliefs, desires, opinions, interests and talents hidden within you, causes combustion. 

This is the same combustion you see happening in the world. The two are connected. Hidden emotions, desires, beliefs and more by the people in leadership drive them to destructive choices. All of this is due to a lack of integrity, authenticity, honesty and love. Rather that looking out there and wondering, with anger or sadness, why so many challenging things are happening in the world. How about you start with dealing with those destructive habits and thought patterns within yourself? This is the number one way you can help create a world that works. 

Changing your own inner tune automatically contributes to the way the collective song sounds. This is the way. Cleaning up your own backyard supports the neighborhood in looking better and sparks change in others. It also clears the screen for you to see better into who you are and what you have to offer. It unearths more of your gifts, talents and interests. Don’t ignore the natural instinct humans have to connect, open up, share and be heard. Don’t ignore the need you have to get help and be open to receiving. Don’t for a moment think you’re alone in mental, emotional or physical stress, confusion and imbalance. By going and getting support or starting a consistent, daily, spiritual practice you are unearthing gifts you have to offer the world and pushing the world to a better, more loving place.

You are so loved and thank you for listening.-The Angels of the Golden Ray 

Potential Places to Start:

  1. Go to counseling and deal with that issue you’ve been dealing with 
  2. Start to journal about what your deep heart wants to experience and begin to organize your life to experience those things, despite any fear that may be present 
  3. Kick things off with a Vedic Astrology session 
  4. Begin a meditation practice (if interested I teach for free)  
Unflappable and Untrappable

This is a channeled message from the Angels of the Golden Ray.

Oh how grandiose your desires for life can be! For too long and way too often you sell yourself short thwarting the magnificent potential seeded within you. Understand there’s nothing more the Divine God wants for you than peace, joy, love and happiness. However time and time again your well intentioned, yet absolutely preposterous, thinking-mind quickly steps in the way slowing down or shutting down the magic. The thinking mind’s toolbox: layer upon layer of false beliefs about oneself and the world around you. It would take too long to list all the potential beliefs you accidentally picked up from life. For now, just know that they’re there. Like many have said in the past, over identification with the physical body and the physical world limits you and gets in the way of the peace, love and joy available to you. Now’s the time to fully step into the belief that you’re much more that you know. You don’t have to understand it all or know how you’re going to figure it all out. Just begin to separate from the belief that you’re separate. Meaning, believe that your physical body is truly a vehicle. A vehicle that’s transporting the actual you, which is a limitless spirit. A spirit that is unflappable and untrappable. The light of God lives in you. Keep saying your prayers and helping others. It’s working. 

From this understanding we can see more clearly why it may be beneficial for you to do some type of regular spiritual practice that supports this belief in growing within you. Not because the physical body is bad or anything but a gift. But because the more you connect with this truth of your life the more compassion, respect, honor, appreciation, energy and love you gain for yourself, your life and those around you. 


Here are some potential places to begin this work (or add to what you’re already doing.) I could speak in detail about all of these and there are many more options. Let me know if you have questions. This is meant to be a list that get’s you started. Which one speaks to you? Once you choose make it happen. 


  1. Meditation: So many types. Contact me to learn or check out some of the new meditation apps out there. 
  2. Spiritual Counseling/Mentorship: People gifted and trained in supporting you to notice and evolve through the false beliefs. Contact me for mentorship or research the many other people out there. 
  3. Yoga 
  4. Breath work
  5. Journaling practice: many books to guide you out there. Or you can just start by authentically sharing on paper how you feel each day. 
  6. Retreats: find a meditation retreat or a retreat that seems to fit a spiritual theme you’re interested in. 
  7. Vedic Astrology: An astrology reading can pinpoint and support a person in growing towards greater self awareness and stress release