Get ready, ’cause 2018 is going to be a good year for you.

And always remember. Your actions are impacting a lot more people than you know. Whether it’s a smile, phone call or you just being you, the world benefits. Keep it up!

1. Gaze at the painting for 30 seconds
2. Read the poem
3. Relax for a couple minutes with eyes closed

Tribal Warriors

it starts with geometry
then symbols enter the mix
blown by the winds of change
shapes rise out of consciousness

and when I was created
I was cut from a certain cloth
one that’s produced many warriors
sent here to be on watch

so when you wonder why
I’m always focusing and figuring
know it’s how I’m built
like an inner-warrior wiring

I’m trying to figure out
what needs to be said or done
to turn things back around
so they are pointed at the One

and now consider this
as you take a look inside
your shape was created
from the same cloth as I

so now here we stand
in that brief moment of silence
where two souls realize
they’re here to form an alliance

one whose effect
will be felt for years to come
when the souls of all alive
are leading the charge with love

2018 Announcement 1: Soul Painting Classes

This relaxing and meditative art class gives you a behind the scenes experience of my painting philosophy and methods with a focus in you experiencing a deep connection with the intuitive and creative wisdom your soul carries.

By tapping into your own inner voice you will:
• Connect with the artist within & strengthen your intuition
• Create a beautiful & personal work of art to take home with you
• Feel a greater sense of clarity, relaxation and freedom

To schedule, contact me directly. 760 815 6591 [email protected]

2018 Announcement 2: Poetry Book

My first Poetry Book, Heaven Can’t Wait, is available. The feedback has been great. People are excited to to be able to enjoy 30 of my 1st poems and paintings in book form. What can you expect when reading this book?
-stress release
-peace of mind
-meditation and contemplation
-uplifted feeling in the heart

Readers can enjoy the book as a 30 day meditation experience or flip to a page anytime they need some guidance! Each painting and poem combo takes the reader on a journey towards higher states of consciousness leading them on the path to living a life powerful and living a life you love.

To order, contact me directly. Cost: $20 (+$5 shipping). 760 815 6591 [email protected]


When talking with friends, family and clients I’m realizing that transformation is in the air.

To support your transformation I’m offering a 1/2 off sale on all current in-stock art pieces (this does not include pieces in galleries). There’s plenty of beautiful and powerful art available to support the above themes and more! I also offer two types of prints if that works better for you.

1. Click the “for sale” link at
2. Browse through the paintings until one catches your eye or calls to you.
3. Click on the painting so you can gaze at the painting for 30 seconds.
4. Read the poem.
5. Close your eyes and relax for a minute or two. If looking to purchase, check-in with your intuition to see if it feels right. Maybe even ask your higher self where in your home it could be placed.
6. Click the “buy me” link and send me a message or call me!

10% of all sales supports children with special needs