Things are moving in the right direction. Self love and acceptance will win the day. The best action steps to consider in 2024 100% starts with yourself. This world and the things going on within it can be big, overwhelming energy at times. Not always easy to realize, digest  and handle. For this time period the best advice is to start with yourself. What steps can be taken to increase the grounded love, peace, personal power and harmony you experience on a daily basis? Not only will taking these steps bode well for you in your personal life journey but by having a “full tank” you can handle the stress of life with more awareness while having much more love and energy to give others in need. It’s easy to deflect our responsibility for the state of affairs in our life and the world. It’s easy to judge and subconsciously blame others for what happens. But all these approaches do is slow down the growth and evolution of ourselves and this planet. The collective upgrade and cleanup process has begun. It’s easy to see as bit by bit, year by year, more of the long standing “ugly” or “dark” aspects of the world are being shook to the surface for cleansing. This will continue for years as a way to upgrade and uplift this world into higher and higher states of love. Again, you can see how doing your own personal self-work can serve to support the efficiency and grace of this collective planetary rise. There is a clear parallel with what’s going on within you and what’s going on in the world around you. In both cases, love and light is on its way to filling the gaps where the “stress” (aka: baggage, trauma, false believes, darkness, etc.) once was. We just have to learn to allow it. The best we can do to support this evolutionary process is practice techniques that allow us to experience life from our deep, spiritual hearts. Things are moving in the right direction. Self love and acceptance will win the day. Continue to pray and do your chants. They are working. We love you. The Angels of the Golden Ray