Can you love what you hide?

We all have parts of ourselves we’ve spent years hiding.

We develop very interesting habits of wearing a certain type of clothing to cover up the parts of us we wish were different. We carry shame for the times we are “too” angry, “too” sad or didn’t show up to a situation the way we “should” have. 

At first we think no big deal. However, there’s something deeper happening here. We are consistently sending energetic messages to ourselves saying, “I’m not good enough” or “things need to change” or “I’m not lovable” and so on. These messages pile up within us and can lead to other mental/emotional challenges and get in the way of our happiness way more than we realize.

Try this method below begin the total self love process.

Steps to loving it all

1. Start by listing the physical parts of you that you are insecure about, don’t like or try to hide. Along with it write down how you try to hide it (e.g. I wear hats to hide my receding hairline, etc.).

2. Create a loving space: find time to yourself, light a candle, meditate/breathe etc. Then pick your list up and hug it close to you. Close your eyes and hold it like you’re holding a young child. Feel yourself loving these things and say what ever comes to mind to say to those parts of you. 

3. Repeat with a list of the mental/emotional parts of you you are insecure about, don’t like or try to hide (e.g. I’m too sensitive, I’m too defensive when people disagree with me, etc.). You can do a 3rd round my diving into deeper/spiritual parts of you that you are insecure about or try to hide. For example, “I have trouble connecting to Spirit”. Or, year after year I can’t seem to find a career that fulfills me.”

4. When finished with each round journal what comes up.

5. Revisit and hold/hug this list as often as needed. For people wanting more place your list or place actual pictures of the things you’re insecure about on a little alter and surround them with warm, nurturing, loving items (e.g. candle, soft scarf, flower, etc.). Spend time each day praying to or sending love to these parts of you. In these moment you can hold yourself and speak to these parts of you.

Enjoy this self love process and the insights that come from it. You may find yourself opening up and changing some of your hiding habits. Let me know how it goes!