Enjoy these free meditations. Use them to create your own Daily Retreat.

I use these types of meditations during Emotional Wellness Sessions. They support the release of the stress-patterns that lead to bad habits and the “blues” and allow for deep insight into your evolutionary journey. 

Alternate Nostril Breathing

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Alternate nostril breathing is a great type of breathing to do before you meditate. If you are not quite ready to begin a meditation practice try doing alternate nostril breathing for 5 minutes each day and enjoy feeling more relaxed and healthy! 


Bond-Balancing Meditation

This meditation supports you in experiencing the energetic dynamic between you and another person. It sheds light on the flow of energy between you two and also provides a healing/re-balancing if the energy is off. Before beginning the recording I recommend calling in (through prayer or intention) any Divine beings that you believe in (e.g. Jesus, Yogananda, Buddha, etc.) to support this process. 

To Download Bond Meditation: Right-Click this link then “Save Link As”


 Chakra Clearing Meditation


To Download the chakra clearing meditation right click this link and then click “Save Link As” 


Balanced Bond Followed by the Akashic Records Journey

This meditation begins with the re-balancing of energy between you and a loved one. Then flows into another level of healing the past by journeying to your book within the akashic records!

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Breath Focus Meditation
11534351_sBreath Focus meditation supports stress release leading to relaxation, improved mental clarity and more. It is a great technique for beginning meditators and can be practiced almost anywhere.


1. Sit comfortably.
2. Take 1-3 deep breaths and then relax.
3. Allow your attention to focus on the breath flowing in and out of the nostrils.
4. Do not purposely change or adjust your breath. Allow it to be in its natural state. At times your breath may be deep, shallow, sporadic, etc. Just observe the state it is in as it travels through the nostrils.


  • Keep a “gentle” focus on the breath.
  • When you catch yourself thinking, return attention to the breath.
  • Try for 5-20 minutes at a time.
  • Lie down and relax for 3-5 minutes when finished.


Divine Roses Meditation

10358714_sThe Divine Mother loves using roses to heal. You can visualize her placing roses into a place in your body where you hold tension or that needs healing. She loves helping and healing and looks forward to hearing from you. Use any version of the Divine Feminine that you believe in or pray to.

1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out
2. Visualize the Divine Mother (I use Mother Mary) placing roses into your heart for healing (or a place in your body that could use some healing/support. (2-3 minutes)
3. After a couple minutes take another deep breath and allow your attention to rest on the area  the roses were placed. No expectations. Just observe. (1 minute)
4. Finish by placing your hands on your heart and praying thanks for the healing. Add any prayers or intentions you would like.
Go with the flow in the meditation. If other visualizations happen go with it. Be open to possibility and trust in your experiences!


Golden Globe Meditation #1
8476555_lA powerful meditation to be used when feel low energy, depressed or unhappy. Sometimes, life gets the best of us and we feel like giving up. At these times let go of your “grip” on life and try this meditation . Enjoy calling in your “spiritual team”  and allowing them to support your healing and re-balancing. 

To Download Globe Meditation #2: Right-Click this link then “Save Link As”


Heart Connection Meditation
8536741_sAre you having trouble following your heart or connecting with your deepest desires? Not sure what decision to make or is feeling content and fulfilled a problem for you? This will improve the connection between your head and your heart. It is a very calming and centering meditation and if practiced for a few days will help you follow your heart.

1. Sit quietly in a private space (go to the bathtub if needed!)
2. Close eyes, take a deep breath in and out.
3. Visualize a figure 8 (infinity symbol) connecting the center of your head to the center of your chest near your heart (so top of 8 wraps around center of your head and bottom of the 8 wraps around the center of your chest.
4. Visualize a nice energy flow going through the 8 like a steady stream of cars on a racetrack. OR once you visualize the infinity symbol just sit back and relax. Your visualization does not have to be perfect for meditation to work.
5. When time is up take 1-2 minutes to slowly open your eyes and continue with your day.



Kosha (Layers of the Body) Meditation
7254439_sThis meditation supports you in understanding through experience that we are more than just a physical body. It provides a very deep relaxation. I cover the koshas (energetic layers of our body) in the Emotional Detox Course and explain in detail during Emotional Wellness Sessions.


To Download the Kosha meditation:Right-Click this link then “Save Link As”


The Meeting Room Meditation

9351664_sThis meditation targets the past experiences that gave rise to a current stress pattern in your life. By eliminating the stress pattern at it’s root we can stop the pattern from reoccurring in our life altogether. Get ready…cause you’re gonna come face to face with some of the people who’ve played a role in the creation of this pattern…and believe it or not they are going to help you release it.


Meeting Room Meditation #2:

Preparing to have a big conversation with someone.

Sometimes it can be scary to come clean or be straight with someone from your past or present life. Fear can get in the way of us speaking what we want to say whether it’s an apology, forgiving or being honest about how we’re really feeling. This meditation will help prepare to have this conversation.