Orient, Mirror and Reflect Back

The Universe has many creative ways of speaking to you!

Part 1
1. Start but taking a breath and settling into your space.

2. Begin to slowly look around until your eyes settle on something that seems attractive to you or you’re drawn to.

3. As you let yourself gaze at the item, artifact, color etc. notice how it makes you feel and how it helps ground you into the present.

4. Take note of how your body and mind feel.

Part 2
1. With the understanding that the Universe (i.e. God, Consciousness, Source, Great Nature, etc.) has all kinds of creative ways of communicating to you  begin to connect with the reasons why you were drawn to this particular thing. Is it calming? Is it colorful? What are the descriptor words you would use to describe it?

2. Understand that in that very moment, the Universe is communicating to you through this experience. All you had to do was slow down, observer and listen. Those descriptor words are aspects of you that this thing is mirroring back to you. Take a moment to soak in the communication.

3. If guided to consider a journal entry as to why those particular descriptor words came up for you to hear at that time.