The Stand (24x36in) 

-this painting is formulated to balance pitta dosha

you live, you laugh, you love
you penetrate people with your smile
but behind those piercing eyes
lies a person who’s been on trial

being held accountable
for each and every choice
and for the imperfections
perceived by your ego’s voice

I am not good enough
the voice shouts out in pain
causing you to take a ride
on the perfectionist bullet train

but now it’s time to stand up strong
and wipe away the tears
time to brush off the dirt and grime
you’ve picked up over the years

you have the power to face the judge
who’s been stagnating your life plan
and with this reconnected vigor
you now can take the stand

as you speak you may be surprised
‘cause your voice is not the same
it’s the voice of someone who did the work
and here’s what you have to say

I am more powerful than I knew
I just had to learn some things
but now I know fully what I am
and the tools that my heart brings

‘cause I am not a minor player
nor here to waste my time
I’m here to create a world that works
and to help you free your mind

so come into me, don’t be afraid
I use my intensity for greater good
and I’ll do whatever it takes
until your life is understood