The Soul Of John Lennon

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stop, think and don’t react
nor let emotions take you away
the truth about my blessed life
is I was never meant to stay

like many who have come before
my legacy I left behind
a catalogue of special tunes
made for this special time

what I did and said in song
was driven by deeper love
one that I can only say
came from a place above

and if I would have said this then
you would not have listened
so I told one part in words I chose
the rest I hid within rhythm

you are Divine and made of love
that’s all there is to know
by making that your gasoline
your car can really go

to a space in which you get
that what I say is truth
you are not what you thought
God is really you

to truly experience this fact
just find the closest mirror
gaze into your eyes for long
you’ll see that God appears

then place your hands upon your heart
and state this exclamation
“I will do whatever it takes
to help the world change its station”

then step back and take a breath
enjoy what you made happen
then close your eyes so I can say
thank you for making what I imagined