The Crossroads II  36x36in 


at this moment in my life
I feel the weight of all the roads
that my soul had once travelled on
on this journey back to home

that wandering mentality
seems imprinted deep within
‘cause at this moment in my journey
I’m haunted by where I’ve been

unable to decide
which direction I’ll now take
causing a deep concern
about the decision I’ll now make

I’ve been at this place before
a crossroads of some sort
each time plowing forward
using a forceful type of force

seeming quite productive
as things began to change
but ending up in this same place
depressed and disengaged

so now I make a choice
to do nothing and just sit
to let go and to breathe
and to let Spirit into the mix

I’m still a little scared
‘cause this isn’t the normal me
I’m used to forcing action
now instead I choose to be

right here and right now
I stay planted on the ground
with legs crossed and eyes closed
I notice something quite profound

within me there is trust
mixed with something that feels like love
all flowing through this vehicle
gifted from the Spirit above

everything will be ok
it’s not about which road I choose
it’s about my loving flow
that I allow to flow to you