Breaking Open 48x48in.

the people closest to you

starting with your Mom and Dad

made a soul agreement

to help you rise above your past
at times this felt painful

the pain may impact you today

but the key to moving forward

is to understand the part they played
before you were a human form

you prepared for this trip

you looked at your list for growth

and the steps required to finish it
then your soul went on a journey

to find the special ones who would

agree to be the human teachers

that made sure you understood 
that all the darkness and pain 

your soul has ever felt

was placed in you to fully feel

until the day it finally melts
and your parents were the souls

who agreed to help you do just that

to allow your pain to melt away

so love can be the aftermath 
so get the help that’s needed

do self-work to let go of pain

and thank your parents for making sure

that only love remains