(48in x 48in)

why is this not flowing
why aren’t things working out
how come all I feel is anger
and it makes me want to shout

I wasn’t expecting this to happen
I didn’t think it’d be so intense
and I certainly didn’t plan for
nothing making any sense

so now what do I do
as I stand here all alone
scared and hurt and crying
with my hands gripping my phone

who could I possibly call
that would make it all go away
and that’s when I remembered her saying
that there’s another way

let go and trust in the flow
and know that Source has my back
he’s got a grand plan for me
which includes strengthening where I lack

I’ll admit it seemed a little scary
as I followed her advice
but thank God that I did
’cause since life has been nice

to truly let go and trust
is sometimes hard to do
but I guarantee the Great Divine
has special plans for you

so rest assured all is ok
even when life changes course
and by trusting in God’s plan for you
you’re the ultimate vehicle for life force