The Dance 12x24in

when a tree falls in a forest
and no one is around
people always ask
does it make a sound

well, I have your answer
and you may be surprised
I wouldn’t have believed it
had I not seen it with my eyes

I snuck up on nature once
and was amazed at what I saw
trees, plants and animals
dancing to a beautiful song

my eyes were open wide
I didn’t want to miss a thing
I couldn’t believe what nature did
behind the human scene

but as I sat there amazed
I had a sudden thought
maybe it wasn’t nature stopping us
from dancing at this ball

so I took a courageous chance
I stood up and I joined
and just as I suspected
the dancing kept on going

I smiled in revelation
realizing what I know knew
that nature is a constant dance
and I’m part of nature too

so now I take time each day
to dance to nature’s song
and my favorite part of my day
is asking you to come along