Earth Angel:  (24x48in) 

-this painting is formulated to balance Vata Dosha

know the you’re part of a team
here to change the world
to add a layer to the canvas
that is this swirling mural

Earth is glad that you’ve arrived
‘cause she’s worried by what she sees
more than 7 billion people
ignoring what she needs

she thought she communicated well
with climate and some smog
but people seem to be in a haze
mixed with a catatonic fog

too self centered to take a leap
and rise above the fear
that happens when we consider the steps
to wipe away her tears

this is where you come in
there couldn’t be a better time
to fully realize the reason
u spread your wings to fly

to live a life of truth and love
and help others see the path
that guides them to join their hands
to write a brand new draft

one that ends in a world
that’s fueled by love and grace
and one that leaves Mother Earth
with a smile upon her face