Evolution (36x36in.)


where did it start
and how is it that we’re one
yet feel so far apart

I look into my own eyes
as I stare into the mirror
and I swear I see something stirring
behind the blueish swirl

“what am I?”, I said out loud
waiting for a reply
and then it happened one day
I heard a voice say, “hi”

I jumped back and looked around
there was nothing there to see
then I closed my eyes and took a breath
and realized that voice was me

I followed that voice deep within
it was an amazing ride
and I learned a few things along the way
and here I will confide

it’s bigger than we ever thought
and more in depth as well
and while human life seems separate
we’re actually one loving cell

reaching out to touch and feel
we send information back
so that we know how great we are
and that there is no lack

in human form we’re made to forget
it’s how it has to be
so that one day we’ll realize
that we’re both A and Z

and know that it’s an honor
to be an antennae for the Divine
and just a part of the great mystery
that is this evolutionary ride