Hearts (36x36in)


the heart is something interesting
with many parts and pieces
and the road to get to my heart
has been tough for many reasons

first there was lifetimes ago
when I took good love for granted
I used, abused, came back and left
until she couldn’t stand it

however it turns out that
my bad behavior was a test
to see if she’d still love me
with a shield between our chests

then there was another time
when my trust was all I had
it turned out that my choice to trust
landed me somewhere bad

where pain was someone’s pleasure
and a way for them to feel
a way for them to gain control
within a world that isn’t real

all of these times and more
stepped me hard into this life
where love is a word I don’t understand
and never got quite right

until this first time moment
in which I heard the birds sing
I heard the special tune they play
the multi layered rings

love isn’t something to grab and go
it’s not something to chase
it’s the glue that holds this world together
it paints the human race

I can’t say I got it all figured out
who knows what is to come
but at least I know without a doubt
the place where love comes from