Heaven Can’t Wait  36x48in


it’s pretty remarkable

what happens when we slow down

and allow Divine God to take the wheel

as we traverse this amazing playground


not only can we see the grace

that surrounds us in our day

but by slowing down and letting go

God can have his way


I learned this truth recently

it’s the most profound thing I know

that all I have to do is be

a vessel for God’s flow


no longer needing to prove or push

no need to force against

no longer focusing on what I’m not

or what’s not happening 


I realized it’s okay to sit

in the backseat of the bus

and give the wheel to God himself

then fill the bus with trust


the tour has been amazing

it turns out there’s much to see

but the most amazing sight

is the plan God has for me


so I sing this truth to you

and I hope you soak it in

by letting go into God’s flow

you’ll experience heaven within