Love Bath 36x36in

into the great abyss
your soul memories dive
mixing with the great consciousness
you’re ready to arrive

but before you fall away
you take one more look back
you know this isn’t the final time
you’ll bathe in this great bath

and with that loving feeling held
you release into the flow
that moves you along your spiritual path
to experience and grow

until the day you’ve lived enough
you’ve experienced and evolved
to a place of self-realization
where separation is solved

it’s at that point you will know truth
causing your arms to open wide
that everything is bathed in love
and love is the reason why

without a perceived disconnect
in which you experience something else
you wouldn’t know how amazing you are
the total you wouldn’t be felt

so you created a special system
to allow your truth be fully known
and now that you know you are pure love
your soul can return home