Mercury: The Thinker (48in x 48in)

I rule the thinking mind
which is something that you need
as you travel on this earthly plane
at human nature speed

but be careful not to let your thoughts
rule your everyday
this will create a level of stress
that will interfere with your play

yes it helps to have me as
your thoughts flicker and they feel
but the real reason I exist
is to realize they’re not real

so do the work to rise on up
to a level above the norm
and you’ll begin to experience
the reason your brain was born

to laugh, to play, to feel
and of course to connect with people
but the even deeper reason
is to transcend your human vehicle

the more you do the conscious work
and break free of the mind
you’ll drop down into your heart center
and that’s when you’ll learn to drive

’cause it’s from your loving heart
that we are truly meant to lead
and the more you tap into that truth
the more you will break free