Moon: The Nurturer (48in x 48in)

fall into me, my arms are open
I’ll hold you forever more
my strength is in my steadfastness
combined with nurturance and warmth

when softness is what you need
let go into me
not only will I hold you safe
I’ll support let go and release

my role is multilayered
starting with I truly care
and included in my repertoire
is releasing the pain that’s there

so call on me when you need
a hug and surrounding warmth
with my help you’ll make it through
each and every releasing storm

and each time you rise above
you become a stronger version of you
until you’ve risen high enough
to reach sacred altitude

at that moment I’ll step back
knowing I did all I could do
to help you in a nurturing way
to experience this truth

that I am you and you are me
and now it’s time to say goodbye
because there’s nothing left that exists between
your spirit and the sky